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Reply to Dancer

Something to consider...as I do understand where you are coming from.

Not everything worldreports.org is going to be without bias...how could it be? I know for a fact that the editor can misinterpret things and get himself on a bit of a rampage.

However the Regan Mitterrand funds are still “offshore” and that’s the problem that for the most part, no one else is talking about.

There are still at least two sets of accounting books being used, one is real, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report http://cafr1.com/ and the other is the set of books that the government uses to talk their lies to the public. The USA has been funding black ops and wars with the money earned using the “Offshore” funds. The world is sick of it and has agreed to work according to the Basel II agreement which means all funds are on the books. Parts of the US government and bankster industry don’t want that to happen.

The main reason worldreports.org is publishing what it does is to wake people up to the financial crimes being committed because these crimes can affect everyone. I think he’s doing as good a job as he can. He isn’t getting much help from the rest of the world.

I won’t argue with anything you’ve said above. I can’t figure out how all those problems will be solved as it would require a change in human behaviour and the “crooks” seem too committed to their course of action and belief systems. The pyjama people just want to watch TV and I can’t say I blame them.

Somehow everything is perfect as it is...so they say.

I still think the public as a whole should cancel all subscriptions to magazines and newspapers and turn off the TV. After six months or so we should have rid ourselves of the Zionist media.

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mini update from worldreports.org
but maxi diversion: all 'Big German' banks are indeed NON-German and ANTI-German. PEZ Bloodsuckers!
Reply to Dancer
we are closer with our views than it appears to be ;)
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