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but maxi diversion: all 'Big German' banks are indeed NON-German and ANTI-German. PEZ Bloodsuckers!

These pseudo-german but in fact non-german and anti-german banks are only partially based within the borders of the remnants of Deutsches Reich. Same with Hypo Real Estate in Munich.
The so-called Deutsche Bank was founded by 'zionists' and is still in 'zionist' hands, for example.
The Deutsche Rueck in Munich had to compensate for most of the damage from the demolition of WTC 911, for example.
The allegedly 'Deutsche' Bank now was given the task of Banking Supervision, formerly one of the sacred government duties. How about that?
Making a fox the chief of the hen-house?
Germany is still under allied occupants' rule,
the German government located in an extra-territorial enclave called Berlin, the German government nothing more than the marketing and propaganda center of the inscripted Bundes-Finanzagentur GmbH = Federal Agency for Finance LLC. How about that?

Want more overt facts?

So ... where's the beef?

Some vipers running amok in the pits? Afraid of the real truth?

As little as the US Federal Bank IS an Institution of the United States of America as little are the so-called German banks anything of German origin.

Apparently WORLDREPORTS uses ethnic, national tags and labels for diversion, for camouflage and to instigate ethnic hatred.
Beat the most convenient multi-purpose scape-goat. Yada. Yada. Yada.
Business as usual.

Remember, the alleged ATTA bombers that allegedly hi-jacked the 911 airplanes with boxcutters (ROFL) were - how convenient - trained at the Univeristy of Hamburg in a secret terror cell .... yada yada yada.

Intentionally spread, emotionally loaden tricky propaganda to divert and mislead the gullibles that have been breast-fed and soaked with hollywood zio-propaganda since childhood?

one more example

Afghanistan bombing:
Who forced the non-sovereign German Army (in contrary to Pentagon Military an army still with drafted, forcibly recruited youngsters) to take part in the occupation of Afhganistan?
Which jets did in fact throw the deadly bombs on Afghan civilians?
Who commanded the fuel trucks offroad into the trap of a small forlorn village?
Any wonder that now the global press system shouts for 140 (!) million dollars of compensation for the 'bombs upon order'?
Allied master killers calculation: What's the worth of a retarded village if we can bilk millions of money from the German taxpayers?

Junior, that's how the business is really run.
Business as usual.

No personal harm meant against you.

Have a nice day.

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mini update from worldreports.org
but maxi diversion: all 'Big German' banks are indeed NON-German and ANTI-German. PEZ Bloodsuckers!
Reply to Dancer
we are closer with our views than it appears to be ;)
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