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Good Morning, Drummy. Saying goes TWO KNOTS fix things tighter :D

I had linked to the Hoagland interpretation already in my elaboration on Active Galaxy Nucleus Technology (TM of BBS Dancer), two steps down. Did you read it?

below the pic of
Norway EISCAT Tromso: Black Hole Nucleus


(I like to make you chuckle but sometimes it seems to be more like shouting against the wind ... so-to-say)

Meanwhile I have some second theories to interprete the timely Norway phenomena and have to admit that I am ashamed of my own offensive thoughts, nevertheless, I am seduced to share them with you as I know you are broadminded, understanding and gifted with a warm sense of humor:

Theory 1:
Soundless Cosmic Farting

recently developped by renowned Alg Ore Ph.D. (Phucked Dunce),
video demonstration below

Theory 2:
Projection of Godly Love Making

as detected accidentally during swine flu research
by Dogdoor Eysack Scheisskopf at world famous Harvard Monoversity
for security reasons no video demonstration here

Theory 3:

Theory 4:
pending longer

Theory 5:
overcome by theory 3

Have a nice weekend and keep your socks warm :)


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Yup More on Norway! ... An Interpretation Of the Lights Seen ... Richard Hoagland *NM* *LINK*
Good Morning, Drummy. Saying goes TWO KNOTS fix things tighter :D
Yeah we are all doing that lately ... The repeat thing *NM*
Repeat WHAT? *PIC*
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