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mini update from worldreports.org

From www.worldreports.org/


Because of the millennial developments indicated in this report, the Editor of this service has been under systematic evil, base attack for several days.

The attacks have included barbaric threats, rampaging anger at what has materialsed, and an operation by a pseudo-'Christian' charlatan who has deliberately misrepresented us and whose organisation is trying to intimidate us and provoke us into retaliation by the alleged issuance of slanderous and libellous statements on a radio station about the Editor of this service, spiced up with dire pseudo-'Christian' condemnations. These base slanders contain a distortion of the truth which the so-called 'Christian' operative has elaborated.

The attacks represent visceral revenge for what has been achieved, and anyone falling for the lies and slanders being promulgated is a witting or unwitting victim of gross deception for this reason.

The underlying motivation for these attacks on the Editor without a true cause resides in the developments that we report. We cannot go further at this juncture on what we have reported, except to add that three of Herr George H. W. Bush Sr.'s known associates were arrested on 7th December. Obviously we know more than we are reporting, but there are times when reticence is absolutely appropriate. It is interesting that these developments have coincided with the exposure of a person calling himself Patrick Bellringer as the ethnic German, Emil Muhlhausen.

Recall that we have stated that the entire architecture of deception would be pulled down. Here is one element of the deception that is collapsing before your eyes. Those whose funds have been stolen via Ponzi operations in the United States have been systematically fed lies, diversionary claptrap and cruel deceptions FOR MANY YEARS by the DVD: inter alia, to protect the big German banks which have accumulated a colossal mountain of worthless assets that they can't pay out.

• With the full knowledge, of course, the Bush-Cheney-Clinton Crime Syndicate hitherto encouraged and supported by the DVD component of the corrupted US Intelligence Power.

But the worm has turned: which is why 'they' hate this Editor and what has been achieved. That's why he's under heightened attack, and why the incidence of abuse against him has escalated.

• We can provide one further clue as to the current state of affairs: the seven aircraft referenced in this report contained, in addition to the categories specified, qualified banking accountants, who were sworn in with the others at the US Department of Justice. The effect of this swearing-in is that in the event of any deviation from what is required by a banker/expert who has been sworn in, that person will himself (or herself) be arrested on the spot by US Marshals and/or Interpol personnel."

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mini update from worldreports.org
but maxi diversion: all 'Big German' banks are indeed NON-German and ANTI-German. PEZ Bloodsuckers!
Reply to Dancer
we are closer with our views than it appears to be ;)
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