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Ten points!

Sir Charlie Chaplin!

posing as the great likeable dunce

acting in 1940 as The Great Dictator
his last appearance as slapstick man

But wasn't he in fact used and placed to promote the popularity of Adolf Hitler, the TIMEly Man of the Year 1938, until the warmongers had reached their goal and CC became useless?

(vice-versa Hitler admired Chaplin!)
Too far fetched? Free thinking unlimited!

Chaplin: The Tramp's Odyssey

by Simon Louvish

The Times review by Valerie Grove

I was there when Charlie Chaplin was knighted in 1975. Crowds lined up
to clap and cheer when his black Rolls-Royce arrived at Buckingham
Palace and it was, I reported, 'a tender and moving moment' when the
frail 85-year-old - returning to London from years of exile

  • - was
    wheeled before the Queen. The orchestra in the Palace ballroom played
    the theme from Limelight. �Then Sir Charles's chair was wheeled
    backward and his white, fluffy head disappeared from the ballroom.� I
    recall his broad smile, and Oona, now Lady Chaplin, at his side in
    blue-tinted spectacles, along with two of his nine surviving

    [* he moved on to Switzerland where he died]

    more ...
    Chaplin Tramp Odyssey

    "when a child was born ... into this world"

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    Who said this in 1940: "We think too much and we feel too little!"
    Re: Who said this in 1940: "We think too much and we feel too little!"
    Ten points!
    Sorry, typing error: 1889, of course! Eighteenhundredandeightynine. Okay?
    Who Said: ~ "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts?" *NM*
    Give Up?????! *NM*
    it could have been YOU! :D Sister of Humor!
    You are brilliant Dancer. Can't play with you as you always WIN! :D *NM*
    I feel so humble despite your kudos. Come on, Drummy - you are the winner because you match the highest balls :D
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