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correct: the execution was 9:11pm 10/11/2009 with 27 witnesses

the conveniently 'double-crossed' manchurian killer-robot
(think Cho Seung-Hui at VT)




apropos 'double-crossed'
the sign for CANT

Virginia .... Mary-land .... Columbia ....
the Three City Connection .... 'London Calling'

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CNN Public Hate Porn: Muhammad CORRECTED at 9:11pm 11/11/2009. Sublime Timing. Meticulous Report. Manchurian Robot MISUSED Again!
correct: the execution was 9:11pm 10/11/2009 with 27 witnesses
What a Clash *LINK*
CNN reported also, the (barbaric male) Muslim Palestinian Killer at Fort Hood was stopped by a brave JEWISH security female dressed civilian .... got it, the full picture?
CNN my ass! Each day terrorist garbage. Al-Kaida. Osama. 911. London. Mumbai. Blah Blah Blather! Why did Lou Dobbs quit all of a sudden? Fed up?
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