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Georgie's advice = my motto since aah ... let's say four and a half? :D *PIC*

News from the Bullshit Department:
Something down here is definitely wrong!


quote in turn
"God (allegedly) loves you and he needs money but just can't handle money!"

From where do we know this behaviour also?

It's all Make Believe


George was so down to earth,
hopefully he's high up in heaven now,
still frowning about the earthly bogey circus?

The only thing I could question with him and his lessons is the slight overdrive with the varieties of the 'phucking expression'.

Might sound arrogant now:
George Carlin nails like a tacker the essential issues and the audience is .... laughing?

Laughing? Why? It's so painfully true!!

Now, who are the idiots here?
Shouldn't the amused clappers be shocked by the ugly truth? Why do they react (as always with real good 'comedy') in this childish manner? To avoid the full comprehension?

My guess: They can't stand the truth. They won't keep and hold the truth. For them it's just theatre, entertainment, some kind of intermediate relief, so that they can better drag on in the old worn out paths of daily life.

Tranquilizer. Pain reliever.
Georgie hands out the really good 'Stimulus Packages'!
Doctor Carlin sincerely tried to help.
At least, he got so much attention and affirmation when he kicked ass and rubbed noses in the mud.

"It's the pain that causes the laughter"
"It's the pain that makes hens and poets cackle."

Friedrich Nietzsche (Psychological Philosopher)

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SMILE...Thank you! Beautiful.... (He's still making us laugh and bringing smiles to our faces...Great Soul..this man G. C. *NM*
Best Post I've read in over a Year. THANK YOU! *NM*
Georgie's advice = my motto since aah ... let's say four and a half? :D *PIC*
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