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CNN Public Hate Porn: Muhammad CORRECTED at 9:11pm 11/11/2009. Sublime Timing. Meticulous Report. Manchurian Robot MISUSED Again!

Correctional Center in Virginia

blue on white colored entrance

"What a sick, perverted, disgusting show!
Stupid obsession to sipp irrational feelings of revenge!
Extreme arousal for the subliminally controlled gullibles."

CNN and AP media-*itches report in full detail.


Last week the Fort Hood massacre,
allegedly caused by a Muslim doctor of Palestinian origin

Nidal Malik Hasan

Just right in time the publication of the sensational (lurid?) botch book

together with the special gloom and doom colored
website with bloody red lettering


Kosher Nostra

The Myth of the Muslim Terrorist

Multilevel efforts to prepare Jon Gully's (short for Jonathan Gullible) backing for a lash out against the Muslim world with a big opening bang on Iran?

just combining and arranging some of
the tesseras for the complete picture

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