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"The Philosophy Of Liberty" in a nutshell. From Ethical Economics to Vegas!

International Society for Individual Liberty

"so they say" at

but nevertheless a nice teaser
direct link

now scratch my head, wonder and ponder ...

Whom do they promote?
Whom do they refer to?
Ayn Rand? Ron Paul?
Mark Skousen, the hedgefund trader?


And they link to an

Annual Freedom Fest in Las Vegas!
(Jeeesus! Almighty!)

watch the symbols ... The Venetian! The flame!

for Jonathan Gullible! booooaaaaa LOL

"Holy Moley Shat IS Prolly"

What did I say?

No. Nothing . Don't mind.
Only my inner voice, belching.

they hava a lot more of nice GIFs

btw is LIBERTY a value in itself?

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