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sorry, not enough 'pretty ones around' :D and no cough either

but an old chevy will do it

Attention. I'm coming.

no driver inside

sketch below
found en passant while looking for a rider pic
(no offence meant to anyone, just for a laugh)

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your car can be remotely controlled, taken over, driven against your will - don't believe it?
With the way some of these Pedestrians Drive, i'mma bout to drive the pretty ones to town.....
Ever see that movie about a company being able to see into the past..........
"me tinks i do not sink so" - anyway, who needs it? Info Overkill?
sorry, not enough 'pretty ones around' :D and no cough either
That's IS Funny!
You know better than to fool around with Ol' Grandma don't you? ..... *LINK*
Elicited Wisdom of the GrandMas - Our Heart
Very Rare Love Song for GrandMa :)
Savvy GM successfully used remote control and promptly was caught in the act!
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