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your car can be remotely controlled, taken over, driven against your will - don't believe it?

(German clip but pictures tell it all)

The 911 experience now available for everybody.
Backdoor Control successfully applied in the killing of Austrian partyleader Jörg Haider, one year ago? (he knew and said too much about the banksters scum)

all you need is an Apple iPhone and a special app that's not yet available - for the public ...


Ben Fulford and Chris Story will love this info,
so useful for further spins to 'blame it on the Germans'.

btw, you can't eat gold, you can't make a plough or a weapon or tools out of gold, so bad, even worse than money paper, because, if you think about it, back in 1929, Black Friday, so much paper money around ... to heat your oven, to wallpaper your home, to enwrap you lunch, to clean one's a** (oops what's this?). But:
Gold? Useless, totally useless, eventually threatens your life when the greedy robbers come to take it away from you, no matter if private robbery or state robbery. Don't believe it? Maybe your grandparents can still tell.


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your car can be remotely controlled, taken over, driven against your will - don't believe it?
With the way some of these Pedestrians Drive, i'mma bout to drive the pretty ones to town.....
Ever see that movie about a company being able to see into the past..........
"me tinks i do not sink so" - anyway, who needs it? Info Overkill?
sorry, not enough 'pretty ones around' :D and no cough either
That's IS Funny!
You know better than to fool around with Ol' Grandma don't you? ..... *LINK*
Elicited Wisdom of the GrandMas - Our Heart
Very Rare Love Song for GrandMa :)
Savvy GM successfully used remote control and promptly was caught in the act!
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