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Gold Scam debunked one more time: "The Gelre will also prove that gold is as big a hoax as is interest bearing debt."

Another blow to the scam of 'gold backed currency' as the next necessary step propagated to prevent 'financial crisis' in the future.

Scam artists seen with pants down.

One could look at the efforts to promote the 'gold backed currency' as a touch-stone for sincerity of motives and for clarity of thought.

The gold-backers work for the global ZIONIST slavemasters!

The zionist powergrabbers are gold-backer's partner
in diversion and in deception.

Again, such as Benjamin Fulford, Christopher Story, Raye Allan and affiliate cohorts ... whom are they actually working for despite all their opposite claims and nonsensical fingerpointing to nebulous scapegoats?

The gold issue is the litmus test.

What do these have in common?

the Amero Coin
the blue ACM logo
the head of a pitviper
and the blue hexagram

Subliminal Coincidence?

Want a side by side picture series for better recognition?

Wait and see!

As Drummy stated:

No stone to be left unturned!

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