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Comrades in Diversive Nonsense: Bibbie Foolfark and Grizz Storyteller? *PIC*

Another Big Shovel of Gold Legend?

Sounds like coming from the same department of useless, damaging disinfo for the gullibles, how come that this worthless slurry is spread again and again all over the alternet?

Bush - Nazi - Thule .... Hidden Gold Transfer, Dollars in Secret Boxes at Army Forts and Fort Knoxes .... ding dong, ding dong, tralala.

Somebody trying again to chase (manhattan) the sheep into the Gold Markets for further shearing and robbing? (it worked before)

I hear snake oil merchants screaming:

"Donate! Donate! And invest in gold before it's too late!
Our advice for free, but no guarantee! Behold, behold, invest in gold".

or so it goes, in line with the famous protocols

Benjamin Fulford = Zionist Dis-Info Agent?

(there are thousands and more, so no need to underlay accusations of paranoia, miraculously you can spot them in places least to expect, at first sight)

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The Federal Reserve note will fall to 0.03 cents by January
Comrades in Diversive Nonsense: Bibbie Foolfark and Grizz Storyteller? *PIC*
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