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GLOBAL ANALYSIS = GL-AN or Glan Polarizer? The other side of glan, tech-info affecting millions of slaves operating with the Redmond Systems

Would you buy a FAR BETTER THAN NORTON security CD from Mister Storyteller and transfer your address and your banking account to him?

he collected some knowledge and wants you to buy a CD when you can find the solutions for the problems he mentions for free in the web space?


It has now been established that the National Security Agency (NSA) works with/controls Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, and others, in pursuit of the Pentagon's vast BIG BROTHER objective, directed from the 'highest' levels (not the levels usually referred to) which seek to have every computer in the world talk direct to the Pentagon or to NSA's master computers.

This should come as no real surprise since the cynical spooks even assert this 'in-your-face' by advertising 'INTEL INSIDE', which says exactly what it means. More specifically, NSA have made great strides in this direction by having a back door built into Microsoft VISTA. Certain computers, especially those labelled with the logo of the 'fully collaborating' firm Hewlett Packard, have hard-core setups which facilitate the remote monitoring and controlling of personal computers by NSA, Fort Meade. We now understand that if you are using VISTA* you MUST NOT enable 'file and printer sharing' under any circumstances. If you say 'YES', so to speak, to 'file and printer sharing', your computer becomes a slave at once to NSA's master computers. DO NOT ENABLE SHARING.

Unfortunately, this abomination is so far advanced that this may not be the only precaution that needs to be taken. As long as Microsoft continues its extensive cooperation with NSA and the NSC (National Security Council), the spying system which assists the criminalised structures, and thus hitherto the Bush-Clinton 'Box Gang' and its connections, with their fraudulent finance operations, NSA may be able to steal data from your computer. The colossal scourge of data theft is associated with this state of affairs: data stolen usually include Credit Card data, which the kleptocracy regards as almost as good as real estate for hypothecation purposes. Even so, you can make life very much more problematical for these utterly odious people by NOT USING U.S.-sourced so-called Internet Security and anti-virus software. Having been attacked and abused so often, we offer a solution.

We use a proprietary FOREIGN Internet Security program which devours every PC Trojan, worm, scam, porn attack and virus that the National Security Agency (NSA) throws at us. We are offering this program (CD) to our clients and friends, at a premium. The program comes with our very strong recommendation, but at the same time, if you buy from us, you will be helping us finance ongoing exposures of the DVD's World Revolution and the financial corruption that has been financing it.

The familiar US proprietary Internet Security programs are by-products of US counterintelligence, and are intended NOT to solve your Internet security problems, but to spy on you and to report what you write about, to centralised US electronic facilities set up for the purpose. You can now BREAK FREE from this syndrome while at the same time helping us to MAINTAIN THE VERY HEAVY PRESSURE UPON THE CRIMINALISTS WE HAVE BEEN EXPOSING, by ordering this highest quality FOREIGN (i.e., non-US) INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION that we have started advertising on this website. This offer has been developed in response to attacks we have suffered from the NSA nerds who appear to have a collective mental age of about five years, judging by their output.

• To access details about the INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION, just press THE LIVE LINK YOU HAVE JUST READ, or else press SERIALS in the red panel below. This opens up our mini-catalogue of printed intelligence publications. Scroll right down to the foot of that section, where you will see details of this service. When you buy this special product, you will also, as we clearly state above, be paying a special premium by way of a donation to help us finance these exposures.

The premium contains a donation for our exposure work and also covers our recommendation based on the Editor's own experience that this INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION will make your Internet life much easier. The program has an invaluable 'Preview before downloading' feature.

*VISTA: Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application.

An attempt to catch mice with cheese and bacon?

the ultimate
for 300 Dollars only?

text copied from sourcecode


Since the Editor has been plagued by the NSA's mental defectives who have been inundating us with evil Trojans, viruses and worms, and who embarked in July and August 2008 on a cynical, deliberate and wholly illegal assault on our systems by directing over 1,000 'Returned/Failed delivery' trash emails per hour at our systems, all liberally sprinkled with Trojans and other deadly inventions of these American counterintelligence nutcases, the Editor has sourced, tested and is now using a FOREIGN proprietary Internet Security and anti-virus, anti-spam and overall computer protection suite that is FAR, FAR SUPERIOR to Norton, McAfee and the other so-called 'security' programs that were developed by US intelligence and marketed to innocents all over the world as though they are stand-alone products. They are not. They may spy on YOU and may collect your data.

the link to

Foreign developed suite that destroys all US intelligence ploys
Published by: World Reports Limited


Such programs are operations of corrupt US intelligence, and THEY DO NOT IN PRACTICE PREVENT CORRUPTION AND DELIBERATE DEGRADATION OF YOUR SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE BY MANY MALICIOUS EMAILS DEVELOPED BY CRIMINAL U.S. INTELLIGENCE ITSELF. Therefore, using the usual US proprietary programs, your computer and software are NOT PROTECTED AND CAN NEVER BE PROTECTED FROM U.S. INTELLIGENCE CRIMINALISTS' ATTACKS. The Editor is so satisfied with the foreign program that he has now installed on all our computers, that we are suggesting that our clients and friends would also do themselves a huge favour by installing the same software. We are therefore offering to source this proprietary software, with OUR STRONG AND RELIABLE RECOMMENDATION, as an add-on service through this website. At the same time, we are charging a premium price for this new service on the following basis: (1) If you buy this product from us you should never again encounter the same kinds of computer problems that you may have encountered hitherto: although we can provide no guarantee, we can assure you that the program we recommend here is INFINITELY SUPERIOR to anything that is produced in dubious faith by the surrogate US intelligence Dark Forces and marketed under the usual familiar proprietary labels. For instance, despite our being bombarded now day and night by an automated US NSA barrage of malicious emails, every single one of these attacks and the crude Trojans, viruses and worms and porn they contain, is being neutered/deleted. (2) If you purchase this product through us, you will not only be doing yourself an immense favour by overcoming the virus, malware, plus Trojan, worm and other infestations that will be familiar to you, but you be doing US a huge favour as well: because the mark-up that comes with our strong recommendation will enable us to finance our continuing exposure operations via this website. As you should be aware, our exposures of embedded financial and related corruption have moved mountains, have actually changed the entire course of history, and have generated an historically decisive 'break with the past'. This has been achieved BY STANDING UP TO THESE CRIMINALISTS, who thought that NOBODY WOULD EVER CONTRADICT THEM. On 8th August 2008, the Editor was actually informed by an impeccable US source that the perpetrators of the financial crimes that we have helped to expose THOUGHT THAT THEY COULD CONTINUE ON WITH THEIR FRAUDULENT FINANCE CAROUSEL FOR EVER. They thought they could 'enronise' not only Americans, but the WHOLE WORLD with total ongoing impunity, as hitherto. (3) THIS WEBSITE HAS HELPED TO STOP THEM AND HAS PREVENTED A GREATER CATASTROPHE. So, if you'd like to do BOTH OF US a favour, order this remarkable proprietary Internet Security Solution by pressing the SUBSCRIBE button and providing us with your Visa or MasterCard details. Not only will you RESOLVE your Internet problems, but you will be assisting us to finance the further exposures of very deep corruption that are going to be necessary. The pressure has to be maintained on these ruthless US and foreign intelligence structures and their organised criminal operations; and by ordering this foreign Internet Security Solution, YOU CAN HELP US DO THIS. It's thus a doubly worthwhile purchase. And by the way, this is a GENUINE OFFER. We don't deal in deception, as you will be aware by now.


Why can't I buy it via eBay or have a time-limited shareware version for testing?

"We don't deal in deception, as you will be aware by now."

Thus spoke the wolf in grandma's bed.

some more facts for the Storyteller:

The software for the U.S. National Security Agency is developped and maintained by a company in mideast (you guessed it).
Among his short list of untrustworthy Security Software Solutions Storyteller 'forgot' to mention, for example, Checkpoint's Zone-Alarm (headquarters in mideast, you guessed it). And also, Microsoft, Intel and so on, are all closely tightened to Eretz Ezrahell. How come?

Come on, Mister Storyteller! Step out of your infantile twisted Bush hidings!

Fool me once, fool me twice ... your halftruth disinfo-shyze doesn't stand the litmus test!

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