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disinfo packed in rare truth, hard-to-believe.

Disinfo packed in rare truth...what a concept, eh?

Rare truths are always going to be difficult to believe and more so to accept.

If one continues investigating/researching then the "truth" will vibrate within/show itself to us to some extent...perhaps only to the extent we can handle new knowledge.

And our collective truths will likely be different to some extent for each of us as we all have different things to learn/choose to learn, right?

What a different world it would be if the restricting/negative forces were removed. I bet most of us are unable to imagine the potential of human creativity...and maybe that's why the dark side is here...we couldn't handle the best good...just a thought.

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I can't imagine the stress and workload this man is under
"Germany is engaged in terrorism and war against USA, Britain and China?" Which Germany? The Fake Republic in Central Europe? Or else? :D *PIC*
WOW. 13 clicks within 3 minutes. Stepped on some toes? Hit the right button? *NM*
Actually that's a good question!
CS seems to me controlled opposition for a minority - no danger, no threat, disinfo packed in rare truth, hard-to-believe.
disinfo packed in rare truth, hard-to-believe.
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