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Actually that's a good question!

Actually you have a good question.

Who is the power behind any country?

By now we ought to know that power is not entirely vested in those who site in senates and parliaments.

If there is anyone else who has followed the corruption stories as consistently as the editor at worldreports.org then please post the name(s).

Realize that no one he has ever mentioned has attempted to sue him for libel. If you stop to think about it, government officials could do so easily. The money for suing him will not come out of the representative’s pockets, so why not sue him and totally discredit him? How difficult would it be if he were wrong?

The bigger the crime the easier it is for media to sell the story they want to tell. Do you need a bigger example than 9/11?

Well if you do how about the story worldreports.org is telling...and mainstream is avoiding. The absolute silence screams at an open mind. Simply put this is the biggest financial crime in history.

Same thing applies to Swine Flu in which almost everyone in the world is a potential victim. Mainstream and medicine are selling only their own point of view.

Daddy Bush was once quoted as saying, “If they ever find out what we have done they will hang us from the lamp posts”.

Do you wonder what he meant?

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I can't imagine the stress and workload this man is under
"Germany is engaged in terrorism and war against USA, Britain and China?" Which Germany? The Fake Republic in Central Europe? Or else? :D *PIC*
WOW. 13 clicks within 3 minutes. Stepped on some toes? Hit the right button? *NM*
Actually that's a good question!
CS seems to me controlled opposition for a minority - no danger, no threat, disinfo packed in rare truth, hard-to-believe.
disinfo packed in rare truth, hard-to-believe.
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