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"Instant Karma's Gonna Get You!" by L. B. White (Zany Mystic) *LINK* *PIC*

Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You!
By Zany Mystic
October 31, 2009

Our lives are our greatest teachers. Right under our noses, the most powerful “lessons” and synchronicities are available to us in each moment of “now”. However, it takes being present to the metaphors, in order to use this free service from cosmic consciousness.

For example, a dear friend of mine in his 60’s, returned to roller skating, having won many awards throughout his life. His sister said, “You’re gonna fall down and break your hip and kill yourself!”. Not one to quiver with fear over death and accidents, he ignored her “usual warning”. Today, he shared a little story about something that happened to his dear sister. Seems she was headed out of the house, slipped in the mud, banged her hip, and hit her head on a metal bar! Talk about Instant Karma! John Lennon warned us about that, didn’t he? Of course, we know what happened to him… However, each of us “has his/her own time”, and when it’s up, it’s up, and if it’s NOT up, there’s little one can do, from addictions to suicidal acts, to take oneself out, if it’s not “meant to be”. Those of us here now chose to be here for the dramatic fireworks that always accompany the “end of many ages”. And who wouldn’t want to be here now, at the most dramatic and auspicious time in the history of our cosmos?

As we approach the Mayan Sixth Night, Friday November 8th, 2009, many are feeling impending shifts. Rather than being helpless victims, imagining some dire future, we can begin “taking our power back”, starting with thoughts and emotions. Negative imagination is an egoic projection, whose core stems from unaddressed fears; mainly, of death. Accompanying this internal shift is the necessity for telling ourselves, and others, the truth as we know it, while increasing the capacity for love and forgiveness. The logistics are simple: When we are talking to someone else thinking to ourselves, “I wish so and so was DEAD!”, smiling to their face, it creates a “withhold”. A withhold is an energy drain, a dense “thought form” which accumulates like Jell-O as it solidifies. Being “two faced”, lying, stealing, manipulating and distorting the truth, take a great deal of energy to maintain; the 3rd ear cannot hear the truth attempting to guide us invisibly from within. It’s simple arithmetic. If we are constantly attempting to remember all our lies so we don’t “slip up” and accidentally say what we REALLY think or have done, there is no money left in our consciousness bank account; hence, no interest can be earned. The result is accumulating density, and not being present to “what is”.

My Karma ran over my Dogma!

Karmic laws manifest lickety split right now, escalating with each passing day. Just as my friend’s sister projected “disaster” for her brother, the next day she herself slipped and met a similar fate, though not dead. We are used to living in a three dimensional, dualistic polarized world. This “Shift of the Ages” is said to be occurring cosmically on all levels, as everything, or “All That Is”, moves upward and onward to higher densities. This means that we have an unprecedented opportunity to shift to 4th, 5th, 6th or higher. What this means on a practical level is that duality disappears in higher octaves of the fourth density. Division, illness, fragmentation dissolve. Thoughts manifest realities instantly. It is similar to being on the “other side” where energy is not required to accomplish the smallest of tasks. Frankly, I’ll be delighted to explore new realms, as we are, after all, the Explorer Race. First, we must get our own houses in order. Others can empower us, but we are the only ones who can accelerate evolution by telling the truth, not judging, detaching and developing the capacity for compassion, love and selflessness. Highest on the techniques for “stepping on the evolutionary gas”, is to be responsible for one’s Self.

It’s clear that we live in a corrupt, controlled world, and the only constant is change. In fact, each moment of now is created fresh and anew, from scratch. The illusion we see is created rapidly, beyond our five senses of perception. Like the old tyme cartoons, where an artist would draw thousands of paintings, each one slightly altered, when flipped rapidly in front of our eyes, the illusion of reality and movement occurs. Thankfully, higher dimensional beings walk the earth now, having chosen to assist us “puny humans” to ascend during this shift, since previous shifts have not been very successful. This “end game” is an unprecedented allowance of grace for all humanity to “rise up“ from duality, illness, fear and unconscious behavior. We have a tendency to drop to the lowest frequencies then get stuck there, incarnating repeatedly. Once mired in illusion, it’s easy for anything more advanced to step in and tighten the noose around the planet’s neck. This is precisely what has happened for hundreds of thousands of years…and, it’s all about to change.

In speaking about densities and dimensions, I cannot put in words what is “wordless”. There is no 3rd, 4th, 5th density as we understand it, though it‘s very real at some level. Each density permeates all others and is further subdivided into octaves. Octaves are themselves subdivided into smaller octaves, similar to fractals and spirals. Basically, everything is “energy”, which is vibration, frequency, light, ray of creation. So, it’s possible to climb the ladder to a basic understanding how the cosmos works. The next best thing is talking around “it“, using stories and language. Because each soul understands language differently, according to the level of being, we live in a literal “Tower of Babel”. This too is changing, as the frequencies are being raised for all of us. The densest of humanity may not have a clue, but probably sense something is “wrong”. Those of us who have begun, and are in, the awakening process to full consciousness have varying degrees of understanding. Yet, we all agree that this “reality” game board is an illusion, as the sages have always said, “Maya”. Love is the enduring constant.

We are not our bodies, our thoughts, emotions, career, sex life, addictions, relationships or illnesses. Nor are we separate fragmented individuals who must fight to “get to the top”. All life is one cosmic holographic fabric, interconnected and woven together in multiple layers or “matrices”. The lowest matrix is 3D, and has been discussed extensively by others, such as David Icke. It isn’t necessary to “live there”. Each soul has fragmented intentionally, and we are in the process of “defragging” the hard drive. It’s simple; the old program doesn’t work any longer, has reached the end of its lifespan, and is about to be replaced by quantum programming. Matter is being infused with vast cosmic energies, divine matter from the highest possible sources, to be lifted up in unity. Humans, having lived for thousands of years as disconnected from nature and all that is, will be reconnected, telepathic and united. Thoughts will manifest our reality instantly, and those who harbor dark, hateful thoughts automatically disqualify themselves from ascending beyond the level of their being. Remember that it’s “not what goes into a man’s mouth that defiles him”. Distortions all begin at the level of thought. Any who think their (blank) doesn’t stink should know that only crystals are said to be “molecularly perfect”!

Bottom line: every thought creates a reality, and emotions are the “glue“. At this time, literally everything “boomerangs” back to us; if not immediately, then sooner or later. Resolve anything from the past or present that continues to “haunt you”. Looking back, the lower disappears from view as we ascend to “higher realms” within. Most souls understand the importance of intent, for the “highest good of all”. From this moment forward, choose wisely! Given the numerous “attacks” friends and fellow “light workers”, have experienced, it is prudent for those who are aware, to clean up whatever is left pending in our lives, prior to the 6th night. Don’t look at that man behind the curtain, click your heels and know that there is nothing to fear or be in “anger and resentment” about, no matter how “justified” it may feel. Time to let go of our past, our beliefs and personas from the old paradigm. This is a time of completions, for everyone. Don’t be caught with your pants down… the “price tag” just might include another “round of 26,000 years of 3D incarnations! There’s no judgment about that, as many won’t have experienced enough 3D and want more. But I’m talking to you now, and I know you… you and I, mirrors for one another, were ready long ago to “move onward and upward”. Keep on truckin’ in that direction. We’ll meet again on the trail of happy destiny…

Zany Mystic

Picture: Indigo Crystal

Song Link: Instant Karma by John Lennon

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"Instant Karma's Gonna Get You!" by L. B. White (Zany Mystic) *LINK* *PIC*
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