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Oldman you have my vote! *LINK*

Oldman Jr.:
Quoting from the last line, "Perhaps the only hope is our vote in the next elections."

Voting will likely not change a thing. It will be just different mouths/heads singing/signing the country down the river.

If one was a legitimate candidate it'd be too embarassing to get up in front of people and bullshit them. You just couldn't do it, could you? That job is left for the fakers.

Realize voters are the same people lining up for flu shots and shopping for products containing aspertame.

I think if anyone wanted a new country all they have to do is turn off the TV and don't buy any newspapers or magazines. Put the media as it exists today out of business. In six to eight months you could dramatically change this country.

You are controlled because you support the controllers.

Then again I could be wrong.


Now a little sarcastic humour from Canada's own Rick Mercer:

The Media, Government and FEAR!

Posted At : November 3, 2009 8:01 PM

"Well there's no doubt about it, at this point in time it's clear, this country is under attack by a highly contagious virus. And I'm not talking about the swine flu here, we've got a vaccine for that. I'm talking about good old fashioned fear.

I've never seen anything like it. This past week we had thousands of people lining up outside of a clinic for five hours when they were told there was no vaccine inside. Do you know who lines up for five hours in the cold? 13-year-olds looking for Jonas Brothers tickets. Rational adults do not do that. And it's not even our fault.

Canadians are terrified. And in times of crisis we get our information from the media and the government. Which is ironic because we don't trust either one of them. And look at the media. Last week you turned on the news and every time the anchor was saying oh my God, there's an "outbreak" at a Toronto hospital. Outbreak, outbreak, outbreak! And then they happen to mention, "Oh by the way, 'outbreak' is a technical term. It means 3 people have the flu." No, no, no, no. We know what "outbreak" is. It's a Dustin Hoffman movie about a monkey that bites a dude and then his head explodes. In fact its two and half hours of a guy's head exploding.

So the media's not really helping us out on the whole panic front. And then, there's the government. Sure it would be nice if the government stepped up to the plate, but to be fair, they are very busy running advertising telling us what a great job they're doing on the whole shovels in the ground thing.

Apparently you can only advertise so many things at once. So it looks like we're on our own. But that's okay because Canadians can beat this thing. All we have to do is put our minds to it. Because unlike the flu, panic, it's all in our head."


So Oldman I am taking your advice and my own advice as well.
Even our alternate news is creating much FEAR --> I'm packing my bags at this very moment and planning a trip to the country side.
No TV, No Internet, just good old fashioned "getting in touch and discovering what I want my world to be." Possibly taking a few weeks maybe longer.
Adios Amigos!
Until next we meet and hopefully with a joyful greet!

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the one major flaw in the note above
exactly, more to be done: boycott the money system, take no loans, buy only essential stuff, re-use as much as you can, build neighbourhood networks
Oldman you have my vote! *LINK*
Hey, give us at short sign once a week from your outpost, how can you do without BBS for so long? I'll miss you! :D
for BanCroft Shootouts
"don't leave me this way" *PIC*
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