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The resurrection of the Swine Flu from 1918
One of the labs responsible:
National Microbiology Laboratory Winnipeg Manitoba!




Dr. Don Wiley, age 57. Vanished: December 16, 2001. Molecular Biologist with Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard University Professor, and top Deadly Contagious Virus expert in the world, Dr. Wiley's abandoned rental car was found on the Hernando de Soto Bridge outside Memphis, TN. Dr. Wiley was heavily involved in research on DNA sequencing and gene splicing, and was last seen at around midnight on November 16, as he was leaving the St. Jude's Children's Research Advisory Dinner at The Peabody

Hotel in Memphis, TN. Associates attending the dinner said he showed no signs of intoxication, and no one has admitted to drinking with him. His body was found floating in the river one month later. Workers at a hydroelectric plant in Louisiana found the body of Don Wiley on Thursday, 300 miles south of where the molecular biologist was last seen on Nov. 18 at the medical meeting in Memphis. On January 14, 2002 (almost two months after his disappearance) Shelby County Medical Examiner O.C. Smith announced that his department had ruled Dr. Wiley's death to be "accidental"; the result of massive injuries suffered in a fall from the Hernando de Soto Bridge. Smith said there were paint marks on Wiley's rental car similar to the paint used on construction signs on the bridge, and that the car's right front hubcap was missing. There has been no report as to which construction signs Dr. Wiley allegedly hit, or how he, and not his car, ended up in the river. Dr. Wiley, according to colleagues, had expressed 'deep concern' about Taubenberger's 'reverse engineering' project at Ft. Detrick, and was preparing a detailed report opposing the project – based on 'humanitarian' grounds. Dr. Wiley's influence could easily have prompted a Congressional inquiry and possibly, a revocation of any federal funding to Taubenberger.

Jose Trias, Died: May 19, 1994. Trias and his wife were brutally murdered in their Chevy Chase, Maryland home. They had just met with a friend of theirs, a journalist, before the day of their murder and told him of their detailed plan to expose HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Ft. Detrick) covert funding of "special ops" research involving the creation and weaponization of deadly viruses to the mainstream media outlets. According to Trias' detailed account, DARPA grant money flowing to HHMI and Ft. Detrick is in reality diverted to special CIA 'black ops' research projects governed by agents of the Israeli MOSSAD. Trias' an accountant and bookkeeper at HHMI allegedly had full documentation of his charges.

Amiramp Eldor, age 59 Matzner, age 54
YaacovBoth Died: November 24, 2001. A private airplane crash kills these two Israeli scientists involved in cutting edge microbiiolgy research, according to Israeli newspaper reports, their work had global political and financial significance. Both were concerned about the direction Taubenberger's work was heading, and they had written their concerns in joint letters to the Israeli defense minister and the press, just months before their death. Five Unnamed Microbiologists. Died: October 4, 2001. Four of Five unnamed microbiologists on a plane that was brought down by a missile near the Black sea on the Russian border. Traveling from Israel to Russia; their business not disclosed. 3 scientists were experts in medical research or public health, however. The plane is believed by many in Israel to have had as many as four or five passengers who were microbiologists. Both Israel and Novosibirsk Russia are homes for cutting-edge microbiological research. Novosibirsk is known as the scientific capital of Siberia. There are over 50 research facilities there, and 13 full universities for a population of only 2.5 million people. Eldor and Matzner publicly speculated that the plane carried classified reports on CIA/MOSSAD activities documenting 'sensitive' weaponized virus breakthroughs at Ft. Detrick, MD., which were being given to Russian Intelligence operatives in Novosibirsk.

Dr. Vladamir "Victor" Korshunov, age 56. Died: February 9, 2002. Found dead on a Moscow street after a visit with ex-KGB agents –his skull was crushed from multiple blows. Korshunov was head of the microbiology sub-facility at the Russian State Medical University - Novosibirsk. He was found dead in the entrance to his home with a massive head injury. On Feb. 9 the Russian newspaper Pravda reported that Korshunov had probably invented a

vaccine protecting from any biological harm. His colleagues who worked with him at Novosibirsk memorialized him as a “caring” scientist who wanted to help rid the world of man-made diseases.

Dr. David Schwartz , age 57. Died: December 10, 2001. Murdered by stabbing with what appeared to be a sword in rural home Loudon County, Virginia. His daughter, who identifies herself as a pagan high priestess, and three of her fellow pagans have been charged. He was extremely well respected in biophysics, and regarded as an authority on DNA sequencing and had consulted with Taubenberger’s team on numerous occasions. Three teens that were into the occult were charged with murder in the slashing death.

David Kelly, age 59. Died: July 18, 2003. British biological weapons expert, Kelly was said to have slashed his own wrists while walking near his home. Kelly was the U.K. Ministry of Defense's chief scientific officer and senior adviser to the proliferation and arms control secretariat, and to the Foreign Office's non-proliferation department. The senior adviser on biological weapons to the UN biological weapons inspections teams (Unscom) from 1994 to 1999, he was also, in the opinion of his peers, pre-eminent in his field, not only in this country, but in the world. Like Dr. Wiley, David Kelley had developed a deep distrust in the Taubenberger, Ft. Detrick project, and was requesting an official inquiry.

Steven Mostow, age 63. Died: March 25, 2002. One of the country's leading infectious disease and bioterrorism experts Mostow was associate dean at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. He died in a private plane crash near Centennial Airport. He was known as "Dr. Flu" for his expertise in treating influenza, and expertise on bioterrorism. Mostow was one of the country's leading infectious disease experts, and had numerous conversations with Dr. Don Wiley concerning the activities ongoing at Ft. Detrick. Vadake Srinivasan, Died: March 13, 2004. Microbiologist crashed car into guard rail in Baton Rouge, LA. Death was ruled a stroke. He was originally from India, was one of the most-accomplished and respected industrial biologists in academia, and held two doctorate degrees. Friends say that Dr. Srinivasan was following up on 'research leads' given him by Dr. Wiley at the time of his death. William T. McGuire, age 39. Found May 5, 2004, last seen late April 2004. Body found in three suitcases floating in Chesapeake Bay. He was NJ University Professor and Senior programmer analyst and adjunct professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. He emerged as one of the world's leading microbiologists and an expert in developing and overseeing multiple levels of biocontainment facilities. Like Dr. Wiley, Mcguire publicly denounced what he believed to be the 'genocidal agenda' of the Zionists and neo-cons funding Taubenberger's research at Ft. Detrick.

Dr. Assefa Tulu, age 45. Died: June 24, 2004. Dr. Tulu joined the Texas health department in 1997 and served for five years as the county's lone epidemiologist. He was charged with tracking the health of Dallas county, including the spread of diseases, such as syphilis, AIDS and measles. He also designed a system for detecting a bioterrorism attack invo...

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especially those who dare to publicly denounce what they RECOGNIZE as the 'genocidal agenda' of Satan's Little Helpers *NM*
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