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Reminder: Today is International Men's Day! What does it mean? *PIC*

Well, I myself don't really know
whom it is proclaimed for,
is it the average Joe?

Sweet Tussies and Pussies, nevertheless,
we expect no cheers and no extra stress,
let's keep it low, try to avoid any mess
our affairs won't change much, so I guess.

All you women out there,
far and near, we call you, dear
ladies, miss's, nannies and wifes,
please be nice to us enduring guys,
at least for one day, expect no pay,
and because of this give generously away
all of your tender love and also besides,
included virgins, goddesses and brides,
like long endless eternal tender showers
comfort the wounded souls of ours.

This little story is true:

My wife tried to tease me and called me names for example 'my favourite chieftain'. I have never heard her saying this before and my alert switched from yellow to red, therefore I calmed down her excitement replying 'it's okay, my favourite wife'.

Boing! She promptly gave back:
'No, favourite chieftain, you now should call me in return only 'favourite wife' but at least 'favourite chief'.

Now have you heard this? Equal rights claim!
All of my long years sly training and farsighted conditioning in vain?
Typical modern feminist traits shining thru?
My jaw dropped, my breath deeper, brain cells in full action ... then I suggested a solution for our dilemma:

first offer

"Look, favourite wifey, there's no place for two chieftains, the same way as no ship needs two captains and no car needs two drivers, that's too complicated to run things effectively."

second offer

"Favourite wifey, how about this, my special offer: for and in our inner relation I remain the favourite chieftain but to the outside world I call you 'favourite boss'?

She smiled back to me, signaling her okay for my wise compromise. But then I couldn't hold it back any longer and came forward surprisingly quick for her:

"Favourite, favourite ... favourite chieftain me? ... if I am the favourite one,
then who are the others?"

She smiled back to me much broader than before and full of understanding as if I were a stupid child and she said nothing more hereby speculating that no answer means denial .....
I replied silently as well, with no words or gestures and only said to myself 'the options game - don't bother me'. Case done!?

Peng! She inquired suddenly "How about you!"
I gave her back: "You see this is why I offered you to call you 'favourite boss' in the public. Sounds better and less intriguing".

Maybe. For me it's a matter of playing ping-pong with arguments.
At least, we had refound our common ground.

Okay, folks, this was my true personal contribute to this holy

United Nations One World Men's Day.


"... it will be repeated endlessly around the world ..."

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Reminder: Today is International Men's Day! What does it mean? *PIC*
sorry, one important word missing in context
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