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VW To Launch 258 MPG Car - Cost $600 US (WOW!!!!!!) *LINK* *PIC*

Story taken from (and YES, I'm gonna buy a few of these)

This is not a toy, not a concept car. It is a newly developed 2-seater car in highly aerodynamic tear-shape road-proven real car. It is ready to be launched as a single-seater for sale in Shanghai in 2010 for a mere RMB 4,000 = US $600 .00 ! Interested? Wait till you learn that it will cruise at 100-120 Km/Hr with an unbelievable 0.99litre/100Km =(258 miles/gallon) !! Impressed? Totally, after you have read all the details below about the hi-tech and space-age material input into this care !!! Truly the most Economic Car in the world . Must see and read to the end and please comment !!!! The Most Economic Car in the World will be on sale next year....

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VW To Launch 258 MPG Car - Cost $600 US (WOW!!!!!!) *LINK* *PIC*
That car....
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