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There is much agreement to some point. If the headline intrigues - I give the posted article a sampling. If it is somewhat of an interest I proceed, if not - it is digested, some times with a departing shot of ugh.

Cosmic did indeed post a hunk of poo which we both agree, somewhat with the essence of what that ‘lovingsongbird’ would post before she fell off the deep end. I didn’t enjoy the article and moved on - you guys pounced. Any inadvertent attempt at plagiarism I think what your leading to was just that, inadvertent. However, Cosmic has always provided a nice sampling of the bizarre. I frequently found them insightful and at time delightful. Now…no more - and that just sucks.

And it’s just not sitting well with me. Maybe it’s not being in sync with a post 2012 failing world or maybe it’s being part of a country in which I’m able to see and understanding its damning fraudulent operations. Hell, I couldn’t even tell you how I stumbled upon this TNT board or for the most part what it is all about. I would like to think that somehow I was guided.

I don’t know, what was the question….? I’m going back to the common world for a few hours and veg. I find myself captivated channel surfing between NASCAR and the Packer vs. Viking football game.

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Good job you bunch of dinks! I've been wondering why TNT has been so unusually stale lately, and then saw the posting debacle of 10/27. Cosmic please come back! Don't let these dorks win. *PIC*
Dink. Dork. Wink. Fork. I clicked on the big pic and nothing happened? oocha-mucha-laacha (LOLalot) *PIC*
Understood. Thanks for your frankliness. :)
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