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Dink. Dork. Wink. Fork. I clicked on the big pic and nothing happened? oocha-mucha-laacha (LOLalot) *PIC*

Chooch, you hand-out big notes to be accepted, but where's the legal tender obligation?

Cosmic Observer copied 1:1 a boring long article
from former RMN star agent Gnostic without comment or personal reference or recommendation with a link at the end.
Me, I read only the first paragraphs until I realized it's a long long SNIP of ideas I have read time and again, nothing new or really interesting, then I jumped a few paragraphs deeper and said to myself: Okay, which category to put in, let's go to the end - where the link was added.

I know Gnostic's web site from several visits and found out that it's too esoteric for me to be read in-between or in my usually more illustrated mood.

Maybe the 'dinks'n dorks' you confront and judge verbally had the same impression as me but didn't hesitate to express it their own way?

What would the livelihood of a forum be if everybody only placed a praising headline, followed by a non-marked bodytext copied from an outside source and then ends up with the link to the source?

Firstly, it would be sufficient to only type the link (if it's a permanent, not endangered site).

Secondly, a few personal words, an intro or a short wrap-up (the way professional papers do it) would be a big help for the reader to decide whether to spend more time on the issue now, later or not at all.

Round-up: I don't know who you are that is where your studies and your life experience have brought you to by now ... but please try to understand, after having strolled the net for more than ten years climbed up and down many mountains, gone forward and backward many valleys, having measured some rabbit-holes also, well, after this period of time
you get sometimes bored or even angry if somebody delivers (without knowing) the same ole compost over and over again that can easily be consumed directly at the source or are linked in special places that are renowned for their cheap tabloid copy-and-paste journalism aka sensationalism.

Now it could be your turn to make some constructive suggestions,
what do you think?

oocha mucha laacha

Not that I pretend to be the ASIGHLUM speaker, only my two cents and thanks for the new words (typical Vermont slang?) that I've loved to learn from you.

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Good job you bunch of dinks! I've been wondering why TNT has been so unusually stale lately, and then saw the posting debacle of 10/27. Cosmic please come back! Don't let these dorks win. *PIC*
Dink. Dork. Wink. Fork. I clicked on the big pic and nothing happened? oocha-mucha-laacha (LOLalot) *PIC*
Understood. Thanks for your frankliness. :)
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