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brOwn cOw is tO the left, black-white Ox is tO the right side 8) *PIC*

another sore spot
sour milk in the pot

cow has a visible udder
ox has manifestly nothing

another victim of S.C.U.M ?

Valerie Solanas

Pathetic, spiteful woman who shot Andy Warhol. The reason she did this was because Warhol refused to publish her play "Up Your Ass." Solanas believed Warhol rejected it because she was a woman, but he rejected it because the play was so obscene that Warhol was afraid he'd be busted for obscenity.

Before this act of attempted murder, she wrote a sickening pamphlet entitled "The SCUM Manifesto," which believed that a perfect society can only happen with the eradication of men. Naturally, this book has become jackoff material for feminazis who make feminism look bad. In addition, today's politically correct society considers it "brave" and "inspiring." The truth of the matter is, they would not praise the Scum Manifesto if it was a man insulting women.

SCUM Society for Cutting Up Men

what a hateful, shortsighted but also SELF-REVEALING abbreviation
for the gleeful feminist lefties if you interpret it as the

Manifesto by SCUM

same way as (the allegation to commies) Communist Manifesto of 1848 is meant to say

Manifesto by Communists

My preliminary conclusion:

Valerie proved:
Blinded by the hate
even logic comes too late.

For certain vermin too much heed
is only an undeserved upgrading.

U.S.of A. makes me wonder ever more
when US Army Goldstar Lady promotes the spiteful rotten spirit of communist sub-culture.

Sometimes Thesis and Anti-Thesis turn out to make sense
if seen from the next higher level above.

So let's leave the cow-shit and move on (but come back if necessary LOL)

Bully Bullox says:
"Look at me and see natural beauty needs no cutting-up duty!"

"anybody ..... ?"

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by far too truthful for being posted in a rumour mill entourage ... *PIC*
Re: by far too truthful for being posted in a rumour mill entourage ...
you are the trigger not the target for my sidekick assistance to brave souls trapped in the pit :) please reread, would you? *PIC*
brOwn cOw is tO the left, black-white Ox is tO the right side 8) *PIC*
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