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by far too truthful for being posted in a rumour mill entourage ... *PIC*

(beg your pardon, Don and Don, but it's only bubbles from a swamp of rumours)

... that promotes unrelated happenstance articles

to cause big waves of personal debate, provocation, exchange and verocious viper rattling, so-to-say.

(could well be that the following is nothing new for you)

The owner and chief editor itself (npi)
showing its true colours? One more time?

it started here with a promotion of murderous blatantly anti-female Valerie Solanas;read=159047

now consume this in front of one of the manyfold prostrated background shadows like the glorious self-advertizing

how deranged must somebody be to expect all of the forum-sheeple to swallow these stinking outdated new age herrings?

and here's the still ongoing sizzling series of pop-ups

first thread

reminder for so-called 'reporters and agents' not to deliver ad-hominem attacks, obviously the owner (editor-in-chief), its devoted buddies and some chosen rottweilers aka pitvipers are exempted from the rule

interlude intentionally placed as main headline out of context with the related thread (special lust for exhibition)

second thread

what will come next? big promotion of US Military? verbal attack on Putin? some faked UFO sightings for distraction of the real issue?

What a farce!

But let's stay calm and relieved:

Rumours have it that said rumor mill - by definition - only offers rumours, hearsay, scuttlebutt, nothing to be taken for value, after all!

What is a rumour? (reposted because so true)


A piece of false, slanderous and/or mean-spirited story that somebody tells about someone else. These stories are usually told because the victim of the rumor is smarter, more popular, wealthier, more successful, harder working, or nicer than the person who is spreading the rumor. Said rumor spreader often spreads remors becuase he has become jealous and wants to hurt the person who he is spreading a rumor about.


Suggest to write a booklet, the title could be:

How to Prepare Yummy Forum Slaughter for Halloween!

Our fine art to ritually bleed dry our critical overachieving posters.

(wink wink nudge nudge: the subworkers that usually write the best articles to raise revenues from ads and donations and therefore have to pay in surplus)

published by

Witch & Bitch,
Rumor House Company,
Freakdom Hellryde, Swampdrive 66, Californica

How about this pic for the front page?

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Acceptance: "The Men We Never Knew"
by far too truthful for being posted in a rumour mill entourage ... *PIC*
Re: by far too truthful for being posted in a rumour mill entourage ...
you are the trigger not the target for my sidekick assistance to brave souls trapped in the pit :) please reread, would you? *PIC*
brOwn cOw is tO the left, black-white Ox is tO the right side 8) *PIC*
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