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the real news often get no headlines

The real news often are to be found - if at all - as small reports somewhere in the 'inner pages' with scrambled short messages for those 'in the know'.
Things don't work out as planned by the one world architects. They get their dirty bloody claws squeezed from time to time as to remember them that they are not alone and still far from total takeover that will never happen.
Too many poorly explained incidents on the far bigger part of the surface of planet earth, the interconnected oceans, the part that is really one already and always was.
The key to world domination is the control of the oceans below the surface and the control of the space above the atmosphere. No known public power has this control. The explanations for accidents above and below are sometimes twisted beyond credibility, from either sides. Despite all bragging, threatening and more or less serious attempts to start World War III the public powers are far behind schedule and hesitating because they know meanwhile well enough what is at stake hereby, namely their own total destruction. It's a stalemate since decades. The public powers threaten to destroy the whole world but are counterbalanced by superior forces and the auspice of their own nihilation. The more tricks they invent the more it becomes obvious for those who have eyes to see and have a good memory to connect the dots. The deceivers have to realize that their culture of trash, waste and unnatural mis-regulations is doomed and will come to an end.

We are still sitting inside the cave and only see the light coming in from the outside.
Beware of the false lights, of the hailers and healers that only try to steal and cheat with evermore wondrous exclusivity. Those who only pretend but cannot fulfil.

(my sunday sermon to myself in the spirit of the real one, thanks for listening)

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Where's HEADLINES re "Submarine Crash "???
the real news often get no headlines
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