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Death By Statins? ~ Stopping the Madness *LINK*

Death by Statins?

“A 39-year-old woman has died of a muscle-destroying condition linked to the controversial new anti-cholesterol drug, Crestor', 'a consumer advocate said Thursday, citing 16 cases of serious side effects in urging a ban of the drug.

Two statin drugs, Lipitor and Zocor are the two most prescribed drugs in the US. They are given to lower cholesterol.

But they also can have some lethal side effects. Crestor is a new statin drug trying to work its way into the market. Looks like trouble ahead for this drug. Another statin, Baycol, was recently pulled from the market by the FDA after reports of too many deaths.

I have never seen a patient that needed these drugs.

So why would one risk taking them???

Statin drugs are being prescribed like candy for over 11 million people in America. According to the so-called “experts”, 40 million Americans should be on these drugs. But statins do wound and kill people. They cause a depletion of Coenzyme Q 10 – a key part of the energy generating system in every cell.

In the latest study being hyped in the media, which will be published in this weeks New England Journal of Medicine, 30% of the people taking the statins during the study quit taking them. Why would people stop? You fill in the blank.

The study's lead author, Dr. Christopher P. Cannon, told the New York Times that, "Everyone needs to shift up one level in their intensity of cholesterol treatment." Meaning take higher doses. This would cause the average patient to spend about $1400 a year for Lipitor alone!

And once you start these drugs, you're never supposed to stop. As you can imagine, the champagne corks are popping at Pfizer (Lipitor's maker) over this news.

When these drugs cause low levels of Coenzyme Q 10 (in the elderly it may be a few months, and in younger people it may take a couple of years) patients can develop symptoms of heart failure, muscle damage, liver and kidney damage, and increased cancer incidence.

Yet, all the statins do is treat the symptom of high cholesterol.

The major insanity of this approach is that people (and their doctors) are brainwashed into believing that their only choice for handling high cholesterol is to take a statin drug or die of a heart attack or stroke. I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but this is completely false. America's leading physicians should be discussing nutrition and lifestyle change, not expensive drugs.

How do we address the cause?

• Lower insulin levels by avoiding sugar, and processed grains. In some individuals, to control insulin all grains and fruit must be temporarily limited until normal sugar control and weight is achieved.

• Carlson's Fish and Cod Liver Oil 1-3 tablespoons per day full of Omega-3 fatty acids will be helpful.

• Regular aerobic exercise. Begin with 10 minutes and work up to 40-60 minutes per day.

• Get a blood test to check your homocysteine levels and iron levels. Both can elevate cholesterol. Sometimes elevated heavy metals or low grade infections can also contribute. Dental evaluation is important.

• For some patients, Niacin, Chromium and an extract from bee's wax called Polycosinol can be helpful to lower cholesterol.

• Chelation with Calcium EDTA is being researched because it may be helpful in vascular disease probably due to the free radical damage that is caused by lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. This internal vascular damage can lead to elevated cholesterol.

• Hook up with an alternative medicine practitioner who can work with you on this to achieve healthy levels of cholesterol without the risk of drugs. For a referral go to www.acam.org.

P.S. This program almost always works………if it's done!

Group Seeks Ban of Anti-Cholesterol Drug
By Lauran Neergaard, AP Medical Writer

Click here to read the article ....
If you notice this article above was posted today, yet the link here has been placed "in page not found" status.


AS a note: I am scheduled to have surgery next week. I am in a high risk category due to underlying disease, yet my cholesterol level is within normal limits. There is apprehension on their part to operate as I am presently not taking any statin drugs.
" why are you so concerned? We have put 16 year olds on statins!"

"And why is that?????"

How do we stop this insanity?

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Death By Statins? ~ Stopping the Madness *LINK*
Be Aware of what the medical professionals are doing .... Do your research and Know a Scam when you see one!
I agree and show my respect for you, good advice if you can't avoid being treated, and despite (or just because of?) you kept good humour ;) *NM*
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