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3 Mysteries solved, finally! Thanks God! :D *PIC*

(dark humour with some doomsday sarcasm)

Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. Why?
Mayan Warrior says:
"I RAN OUT OF SPACE ... !" (on the round rock)

Build up for WWIII around Iran. Why?
Mayan Warrior says:

'Nibiru Coming' is a doomsday warning. Why?
Aryan Warrior says:
"Nigh by RU!" what means "near by Russia"
nearby RU, that is IRAN

i - i - i
Potus 1-2-3
Israel Iraq Iran
in this row from West to East
i = 9th letter in the alphabet iii=999

999 = 666

understandable prophesy in a nutshell
the art to connect the dots and to knit the net
Persian Carpet Knitting for Dummies

Iran - Nibiru - 2012, the riddle finally solved.

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3 Mysteries solved, finally! Thanks God! :D *PIC*
HeHeHe! :D (But I am too tired to reply.... snoooooz) *NM*
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