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OMG Junior! This list of intel sites is even more comprehensive than the one by Find-and-Dunno ;)

Sorry! I avoid to put real names into the headline,
here's the link to the other compilation of spooky sources:

The CIA Internet Fakes


the list from your quote marked as 'partial'
Ponder. I wonder. What would the complete list (if there can be any) look like?


Some of these are redundant and/or no longer effective. The list was originally published by the Irish website run by Mr Fintan Dunne. A related list was published in the Editor's study The New Underworld Order, published by Edward Harle Limited, London and New York [2007], available from THIS website [see Edward Harle Limited segment]. A few more sites have been added. If these sites now all turn on the Editor of this service in unison or piecemeal, the accuracy of this assessment will of course immediately be reconfirmed.

They'll probably do it: generally speaking, many of these people are THAT stupid!

• Websites established inter alia to ' control' the backlash from the 9/11 mass murders:

[See also: and other sites containing 911 in their titles]

Websites servicing CIA and DVD etc. diversion and confusion-mongering interests for the primary purpose of maximising the fog of confusion in order to cover up the counterfeiting, mass thefts, Ponzi operations, Fraudulent Finance leveraging and hypothecation, and other speculative crimes developed and orchestrated originally by the US Intelligence Power, as well as to OBFUSCATE the circumstances surrounding inter alia the 9/11 MASS MURDERS, and to prevent the Ponzi scamming victims from realising that they have been pillaged and reaching for their guns simultaneously:

• A close and informed observer of the US controlled websites and issues surrounding them, informed the Editor on 28th October 2009 as follows: 'I have yet to run into an 'English language version' of a purportedly Iranian, Chinese or Pakistani 'news' site that's not chock full of CIA or Mossad-type 'information': China Daily, PressTV, Pakistan Daily, and more. They're probably bogus'. [Dutch intel website: Steals copyright including 10116 copies of The Editor's work
The New Underworld Order. Faces serious problems as a consequence]. [Described to us by the observer referenced above as: 'A whacky disinformation site apparently intended to make opposition to the Mega-Corporatocracy sound dippy and foolish. Gullible do-gooders are encouraged to call their Congress critters to fight this or that bill for the most stupid and ill-informed of reasons. frequently links to]. [Lots of CIA employees posing as whistleblowers]
rivernend.blogspot [Forced to take down ILLEGAL COPIES of FOUR of our books (a)].
sorchafaal (b) [Jane Burgermeister disinformation]
Thomas Heneghan

I rest comforted. BBS Radio is not on one of these lists.
Some sites are missing, from my point of view,
with some listed sites I'm sure I could prove with the methods of analysis, logic and plausible conclusions that they are deceptive faked sites to collect names, addresses, money (begging for donations as a shield of troublesome independence indeed a sly camouflage for the gullibles) links and traces to real infos.
Public Forums are an ideal 'common ground' of fishing for essential and also for leaked infos so that (as always) the hard work for the big corporations aka intel groups is done by the naive ambitious sheeple.

IMO the best way to destroy a trustworthy independent rare source of information is:

Post it in a public forum, one of the self-appointed really real true truthpilers.
The intels sitting like fishers with a rod on the shore to catch the prey. Thanks but no thanks.

Another point.
Intel Groups seem to behave like pimps in the horizontal businesses: They fight one another behind the scenes for influence, power, money and the best selling bitches.

Would be nice to see a list of all intel groups, where the headquarters are located, how they are connected, what the hierarchy looks like and which intel is on top.

I learnt that the intel business mostly is a rather dull, boring inhouse job dealing with 'outhouse affairs', 85 percent bureaucrazy, shmeer, propaganda and so on.

Nix James Bond 007.
No. Non. Nyet.

Nobody is perfect. Even fake intel posters make mistakes. If you are suspicious about a special forum activist, just collect all of the postings over a period of time and evaluate the stances, the links, the coherence and the plausibility of arguments.

No wolf can devour enough chalk and dress enough fancy wear to hide the wolven nature.

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OMG Junior! This list of intel sites is even more comprehensive than the one by Find-and-Dunno ;)
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