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Where's HEADLINES re "Submarine Crash "???

Submarine Crash

2 US ships smashed into each other the other day & hardly anyone commented upon it Did you see this in the nightly news It got brushed under the table. 1 of the ships was a 'nuclear' submarine - the USS Hartford [Wonder if there would be nuclear-leaks? ~ barbee g]

Nuclear Submarine Damaged in Collision Near Iran
March 20, 2009,2933,509919,00.html

A nuclear submarine was damaged in a collision with another U.S. Navy vessel off the coast of Iran, leaving 15 U.S. sailors injured and 25,000 gallons of fuel spilling into the Strait of Hormuz. The USS Hartford, a nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine, was fully submerged when it collided with the transport ship the USS New Orleans. Seas were calm but visibility was low. No official reason has been given for the accident but a Defense Department official told FOX News that "it appears the two vessels were not in communication before they collided."

So the accident was being blamed on poor communication. But surely the submarine must have sensed a body in the water above it. Was it driving blind? If past submarine accidents are any clue, the answer is "yes". Per the Zetas, recent submarine accidents point out that their navigation software is not taking into account the Earth wobble, which creates atmospheric turmoil & turmoil in the seas as well. Take the case of a Jan 12/05 submarine crash near Guam. The Navy blamed its charts.

Shows Toll of Crash on Submarine
January 12, 2005

The nuclear submarine that ran aground Saturday in the South Pacific hit so "incredibly hard" that about 60 of its 137 crew members were injured and the sailor who died was thrown 20 feet by the impact, according to internal Navy e-mail messages sent by a top admiral. The accident occurred 360 miles southeast of Guam. Navy officials have said that the submarine, which was headed for Australia, appeared to have smashed into an undersea mountain that was not on its charts.

ZetaTalk Analysis 1/13/2005: The net effect is a rigid network in the government & military, even in industry, to ignore, rather than explore, the current Earth changes. Thus, the broken-link applies. Submarines ignoring an Earth wobble that has the Earth moving under the sea of air daily, causing windstorms around the globe that have been evident for months, and in particular ignoring the sea of water that can likewise stand in place while the Earth moves under it. The earth moved, the water remained, and the submarine was in strange terrain just as an air balloon would be in the wind storms that assail Europe or the West Coast.

So if the crash in '05 was due to the submarine simply being moved to a different location than expected, what was the cause of a disappearing submarine on Mar 14/07? Per the Zetas, the communication software did not take into account a change in the wave action caused by the wobble. Certainly, the Navy had no explanation for what occurred. But the Zetas did.

Billion- $$ U.S. Sub Disappears Overnight for Several Hours
March 14, 2007

The Navy mobilized a search-and-rescue operation Tuesday night after it believed one of its submarines, the USS San Juan, had gone missing off the coast of Florida with 140 crew members aboard. The concern was so high that Defense Secretary Robert Gates was notified of the situation overnight, as was White House national security adviser Stephen Hadley, who was preparing to brief President Bush with the news when communications were re-established with the missing submarine. The Navy had also begun notifying the families of the 140 crew members that the submarine was missing. The incident is under investigation with the focus being on why the ship missed a pre-established communications period with surface ships. No mechanical problems were found aboard the submarine and officials were looking at why the submarine had missed its communication period. Navy officials say the search was launched after surface ships spotted what appeared to be a red flare in the vicinity of where the submarine had been operating. A red flare is an indicator that a ship is in distress. With the loss of communications, a search-and-rescue effort was immediately launched.

ZetaTalk Analysis 3/17/2007: What was the cause of this submarine's inability to communicate with the surface? Submarines, when under water, must use low frequency communications, which include vibrating the water around them in order to send their messages in a coherent manner. The message, in short, rides on the waves, which are always present in an area and predictably moving in one direction or another. If the message is moving in the opposite direction of the wave, it likewise encounters predictable motion in the waves, regular and steady. Wave action is taken into consideration by the communication software, so these slow undulations are factored in, the wave rate sensed as a separate thing, like noise, and then omitted from the message. This is the science of noise reduction in audio transmissions, to sense the noise, isolate it, and then eliminate it. What if the wave action changes? Wave action is a result of equalizing pressure in the ocean. The press of water from the Equator round toward the poles and back again, the swirling Coriolis effect caused by the rotation of the globe. The streams of water that run along coastlines during this process, blocked by the coast.

Has something changed? Nancy and a crew of what she calls the Trusted 12 observed a very errant lurch of the Earth to the West in the predawn hours in the US, such that constellations were out of place by as much as 50° for a brief time. What would such a lurch do to the ocean currents? The normal currents along the East Coast would be accelerated as the land moved under the water, and current would be forced on Europe with excessive pressure. The point being that the wave action rhythm, encoded into the encryption software decoding the communication pulses, would be wrong for this temporary new wave rhythm. What does this mean for submarines in the future, during the increasing Earth changes and through the pole shift? If any in the elite were expecting to be able to use submarines, to ride out the pole shift or as intimidation in any power play to take over the world after the shift, this is a message. Submarines will not survive! Not because their communications will not function, but for dozens of other reasons the elite have not even taken into consideration.

"everything is in divine & perfect order even though it may seem the world has gone mad"

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Where's HEADLINES re "Submarine Crash "???
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