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How the Legalization of Hemp could save out Country...... and all the lies we have been told about the Canabus plant as well.....(see info on vid at link)



Date: March 05, 2009 at 03:22:12
From: Joy in Hawai'i

URL: http://blip.tv/file/1356143/

To all parties in this thread:

These conversations inevitably just go around in circles because nobody EVER takes a fresh look at the evidence. The first five Minutes of this film, see link, should serve to wake up one or two.

If you can't take the time LEARN the truth and instead repeat what the government and mommy told you, it's a waste of time talking to you. The endless repetition of false statements, statements that have been proven wrong time after time yet STILL they are repeated as "Truth" and "Common Knowledge", is enough to make one tear one's hair out. I see statements solemnly repeated here that weren't true sixty years ago and STILL aren't but some repeat them as if they were gospel.

The commercial cultivation of hemp and marijuana could literally save this country and help restore ecological balance. We could become self-sustaining again, with jobs and manufacturing. The only thing stopping us is the official propaganda put out against a God given plant, a WEED for pity's sake, and some kind of warped Puritan ethic that forbid's one to explore one's own mind! How alien is a law that says you don't have the right to know your own mind....we'll just tell you what you need to know and save you the trouble.

Fifty percent of the country is on some kind of serotonin manipulator. When the bottom falls out and folks can't get THOSE drugs....then you will know hell. One half of the population on medically prescribed mind-altering drugs, and then one day they can't get them anymore. You had better hope that there are lots of "hidden growers" around cause your gonna need industrial fans and auditoriums to calm THESE folks down....

The consequences of suddenly going off these drugs may include suicide or murder. The consequences of no pot? Nothing....except you might lose a few pounds with no munchies.

Try worrying about your own back yard before you go taking on International cartels....please learn some facts before trying to engage in a meaningful exchange. This is an important issue for the whole country but it can't be discussed until the FACTS are known.


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How the Legalization of Hemp could save out Country...... and all the lies we have been told about the Canabus plant as well.....(see info on vid at link)
This is an awesome video from yet another perspective! Thank you!! *NM*
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