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the last sentence in the clip says it all: brain implant! *PIC*

This cellphone extension aka elo-crap is only a forerunner of the ultimate goal:
Brain Implant
as she confirms in her last sentence in this promotional clip.

An indispensable chic-a-go-go device for the already brain dead or brainless?

This has nothing to do with 'sixth sense'. I doubt this PR starlet knows or has experienced what sixth (or seventh) sense really is. And it's certainly not the permanent connection to the Beast 666 via unnatural destructive gigahertz rays in a tight grid of climate polluting high energy cellphone towers and satellite supervisions of every square foot on earth.

I wonder where the elo-crap promoter is originated. She speaks somewhat nervously excited, her accent not typical American nor typical English .... more like 'brain implanted'?

The example with the toilet paper is not bare of some irony and may lead to over all sarcastic (dis-)qualification. That is:

The foremost concern of the pseudo greenies
seems to be for human excrement. The most important and hardest decisions are to be made in the aisles of the super wallies when it comes to choose the politically correct tissue (green renewable energy saving global warming preventing and so forth) for the arse of the up-to-date env-iron-mentally (distorted)
new age super citizens. Or well (!) the Brave New (One) World with its center in the New Yoke (npi) Super Tower at the OWTC Oh double-U Tee Cee One World Trade Center (BB says: 'freedom' discarded therefore, we don't need those obsolete stinking misleading mis-used old world teaser words any longer, haha).

Who is BB? Bibi ... Big Brother?... Or Ben Yamin Net-an-yahoo? Strange coincidence? One more?

The company's web address:

www.mobileUncle.com ? (caution VR of China)
why not
www.mobileNanny.com ? (no porn intended)
www.FatherGoldstein.com ? (dysfunct)
www.BrotherBB.com ? (dysfunct)

"Hey my uncle, watch this, me stupid brain dead illeterate public-school damaged dumbed down new world order idiot needs some help from you. Please tell me, my arse, which toilet paper to choose for being receptional to your almighty care and grace so that you don't have to punish me with disconnection from my favourite heavy metal tunes or cut my social benefits because of disobedience. So please, big mobile uncle, gimme the green light and lead my hands to the right product. Thank you so much. What would I do without you, how could I ever have done without your divine help for me little sinner?
Oh, I love you so, my Big Mobile Uncle!"

Walking out of the super wally, so satisfied and 'enlightened' with the steady companionship of BB uncle gadget dressing the SS-SWC (sixth sense super world citizen) is overwhelmed by the grandiose outlook onto the horizon:

"Barak aka Baruch did it: Green Shoots! Green Shoots everywhere! Thanks Emma! Thanks BHO (Brown Helper Object) It feels so happy to be in-sync with you great guys! You did the wonders for all of US."

Thus SS-SWC walks up to his green car at super wally's parking, the green package of mind tranquilizing my-arse smoothers under his politically correct left arm, a happy smile on his face.

"This world is perfect. I did it right. Clear essence. No mind blemishes. Clear conscience. Clear knowledge. MY sixth sense did it (with a little help)! What a wonderful world. I'm in touch with G-d. We are all one!"

(btw the green shoots he saw was actually a greenish painted camouflaged cellphone tower inmidst a field of GM (Greedy Monsanto) genetically modified corn plants. But since he hasn't learnt in public school anything about artificial radiation and genetically modification he was absorbed by the all-out ever greenish impressions lest to forget his bibilly assisted green paper choice)

"It feels so good to be in-sync, to be in-touch with the all-mighty, he who decides for me! I'm so self-content. MY Sixth Sense, my brain!"

Back home, just when he had stored his green arse-paper at the pc toilet, his superflat supersized TV (built in hidden sixth sense camera) announced that humanity (White House spokes person Fancy Necrosi) awaits the landing of a huge fleet of our brothers and sisters from outer space, first squadron supposed to come from planet mArs (short for my arse, of caurse).
And yes, NArSA gave notice, as expected, their spaceships have a greenish glow, their travelers' body colour is light green and during the long distance translite speed journey from the Greenadarse Star Constellation into our solar system they totally depend on monatomic green oxygen and on green soylent tablets, their favourite low fat high protein super snacks.

And yes, they love music too, these little green raptailian emmissaries of G-d. As a first sign of good will and proof of only soulful intention they aired their National Anthem via advanced transitional brainshot technique, and yes, it reminds US all of good ole merry England, the land of the angels and worcester sauce sour galic humours:

"Green Green Land Back Home"


He who had had the right 'ttuch'!
Elvis the pelvis. Only dreaming.
Green Grass of Home!

Now brilliantly remastered by the Chicago boys,
time being in Washington DC, experienced sniffers of all kinds, get the green 'ttuch', see the halo-cinations, the green shots everywhere.

'green shots' logo messages, for example on CNN (a few months ago) or on Youtube before last week, green is the message, green grin grin ...

oh yeah
(nevertheless I still love green colours)

"the green raptailians have landed"
"how'd you know" - "I'm one of them, but, pssst, I mean business" - "okay buddy, as long as you keep the white stuff .. aahhh white staff that is, within reach for me"

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Watch this video. It's a must, and it WILL blow your mind! *NM* *LINK*
Re: Watch this video. It's a must, and it WILL blow your mind!
the last sentence in the clip says it all: brain implant! *PIC*
Re: the last sentence in the clip says it all: brain implant!
Oh Yuk!!!! It makes my blood boil 8) *NM*
Re: Watch this video. It's a must, and it WILL blow your mind!
Re: Watch this video. It's a must, and it WILL blow your mind!
And do the house work, peel me a grape and fan me with a palm leaf! Yeah !! :) *NM*
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