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Ben Fulford Update March 28, 2009

The secrets of the US dollar and the new currency

A lot of veterans in the financial industry are puzzled by why the US dollar does not collapse. There are some esoteric secrets to the dollar that explain this. First of all dollars are created at several locations around the world. All the dollars have a code number on them and, depending on the code, some are accepted as international currency and some are not. Over 70% of all the dollars ever created are held by non-Americans. Those people do not want their hard earned dollars to be devalued. For that reason, the countries of the world have stopped accepting all US dollars printed by the Federal Reserve Board since September 11th of 2008. That is why there is no hyper-inflation and the dollar has not collapsed despite the Feds printing out over 13 trillion dollars since September 2008.

No matter how much President Obama and the Feds say no to a new international currency controlled by the IMF, they are powerless to do anything about it. The Feds bought themselves a bit more time this week by cancelling their missile defense in the Czech republic and selling two air-craft carriers (to the Chinese?). However, no matter how much they try to buy time, the Fed has de facto lost the right to print a reserve currency.

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