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Caught on Tape: Bribes, Public Corruption *LINK*

We know politician are crooked and theives, but who do we trust any more? Check this one out?
Caught on Tape: Bribes, Public Corruption
Release of Stimulus Money Expected to Spur 'Inevitable Increase' in Public Corruption
March 26, 2009

Corrupt cops. Corrupt judges. Corrupt school superintendents. From Tennessee to suburban Washington, D.C. to Arkansas, investigators have found officials on the take. But in some cases, the FBI's caught the misdeeds on secretly recorded surveillance tapes.

FBI is currently investigating more than 2,400 government officials.
In one brazen crime in Tennessee, cameras caught then-Hamilton County Sheriff William Horace "Billy" Long taking thousands in bribes and embracing corruption to the core.
Upon taking a wad of cash from an FBI informant, Long gave his blessing to the man's money-laundering operation.
"They can get all the drugs they want…. they need me to get the money out" of the country, the informant, funeral home operator Rev. Clarence Eugene Overstreet, told the sheriff.
The men also share a laugh about rolling in the cash.

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Robert Darby was RIGHT!! It is about a Power Grab by Wall Street Insiders!!! *LINK*
Caught on Tape: Bribes, Public Corruption *LINK*
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