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Lock Bumping - Open Any Door! *LINK*

Bump Keys in the News - San Francisco #3

High security locks "filled with different kinds of tumblers"?

(sarcasm) Hey, thanks a lot for the very specific information there! Now, when I go to the Home Depot and ask for a lock with "a different kind of tumbler", I'm sure they'll be able to point me right to what I need. (/sarcam)

Couldn't the reporter spend a few seconds more after two minutes of sensationalism to be a little more specific on who makes better locks and where they might be available without going to a locksmith?


A Secret the bad guys know and the good guys JUST LEARNING ABOUT...............thats soooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

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Lock Bumping - Open Any Door! *LINK*
just got off the air with a show, havent gotten to view the video though just wanted to say drum what spirit you have me chuckling right out loud * ;
Re: Lock Bumping - Open Any Door!
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