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Ashtar Events Update Mar 26/09

Ashtar Events Update Mar 26/09

Well good evening everyone, an evening out there is happening much to do about everything behind the scenes. So we shall give you some glimpses before we move on to the grand and most important exercise we shall be doing this evening as we gather in family. Let us start with a report card of sorts. Now this is not judgments, this is discernment of fact.

There are those who have been appointed to positions of high trust who have been not very trustworthy in what they have done in these positions. Now all of this was done accordingly to plan. Now for those who watch FOX channel, you may just see its coming out more but with a bit of a holdback of all of the truth, but even so it is becoming more obvious. There are those who have been offered these high places who are not really doing what the mission is according to Obama. So we have this report card situation. It becomes more obvious as each day goes by as they announce plans for this and that … those who have been stealing your money want to get it all. Let us say some of these ones have flunked out … their days in the dark are over. It has been told they have been given a final notice, and there are those who have been what we should say programmed programmer that is these ones who have been given final notice have programmed certain ones to act as their flunkies to do the things that would steer the money and what they really want is the gold, and who would steer the gold into the hands of dark ones. In a way they do represent Obama, but what they are is beings that Obama has given some latitude to, so that they can reveal themselves in who they really are, and their greed and they are flunking out.

How about Mr. Geitner however you call him. Perhaps he should have been more timid with his handlers and more courageous about really doing something to represent the best interests of the people. Instead he is proposing more money to flow in the you know what direction, so it is that he has revealed himself, and there are now many in the USA and in the world who can see what kind of hat he is wearing. It is unlikely he will switch hats. That is a discernment on perspective that we have.

They are heading in the direction – they are off to big cells and they are not returning to their jobs. In his particular case though they have not been able to fill positions underneath him. Why is that? There is nobody there. It is because very quietly the information has gone out in waves of feeling that it is not a good place to be because you might be the one to take the wrap. No one wants to be associated with what could turn out to be a disaster. Let the truth be known. Obama has patience. He can wait for these positions to be filled. It was a question of what M.r Geitner was to do. He is wearing the dark hat. This situation is prevalent right now. Everyone is scurrying for their careers and no one knows if they have job security or not, and this is the break up you are witnessing or contributing too, the break up of the massive control, domination by those beings who have been given positions in what you might call the official known parts of the government and the heads of departments, and the letter agencies and the row or two beneath them in their assistants, in Mr. Geitners case. And then a large group of unseen civil servants.

Friends there was a comedy show that was done in the country of England years ago –some may remember laughing outrageously of civil servants in the government at that time and how they ran the show and the ministers didn’t even realize they were. Yes Minister. And then this helpless kind of guy became prime minister. Look it up if you are interested. Well if you think what they did was outrageous – this is what has been going on. From top public figures and down, the government has been controlled by the dark hats who answer to someone other than the President of the United States. You can see why they did not answer to shrub cause he was on weak side …. He was as number two with the title of number one. There were others - these ones answered to both inside and outside of the White House and legislators and supreme court and even that was infiltrated and has been and still favors the dark hats.

But it is all being swept away in the energies that are happening right now. Anybody got any GAS [galactic ascension syndrome]? If you don’t have your seatbelts fastened these days … 21 days …. That was no joke. That was A+ info. Some of you are already experiencing huge shifts in your beings many more will .. there is a lot of baggage and stuff that has literally and will continue to be rooted out by these energies. If you think you had a list of things to take care of before, how about now. New things showing up almost hourly. Kind of boggly isn’t it. Well that is one of the things to help out with. We will do some clearings tonight to help the world, because there is a lot of room for confusion and meltdown and we are seeing this throughout the world.

People who are normally calm are creating major meltdowns. It is because everything is in the consciousness, and we understand you are going through huge transitions, and you cant help feel it a bit because the energies are so stepped up. The good news is the outcome - some of you have already transitioned in having so much of your DNA opened and you have your gifts and are consciously aware of them, and have your new insights to create whatever you choose to create in your life. And more of you are getting to that point and if you haven’t got there yet, don’t worry you are on the right track. You have a team of helpers any time you choose. Go to a yoga class or do something to help calm yourselves. It can seem like a tornado raging through your energy fields at times.

Take a nap or just go with the flow but if you feel like you are swimming upstream, stop, go within, get a team together – that’s what we are here for – now some of you don’t trust you are empowered to do this. Your manifestations are coming forth more and more so do something to create something and see how fast it gets done. Follow the rules. Create it for yourself make it a part of your world. So much so, your 3D world outside your door will knock and say “Oh I just love the new car in your driveway”. There is nothing you can’t do except what you think you can’t do – got it. That’s big huge and profound. We like to keep things simple and express things in the simplest terms. Sometimes one person hears this and another hears that, so the fewer words we use the easier it is so everyone gets the same words. There are many masters of this - your writers of the quick jingles and short mantras and so on, they are all masters in this so keep it simple. If you read a large amount of beautiful words eg. A chapter in a book or latest channeling of one of the masters and you get to the end and loved it, I’m flying, but how can I keep that in my conscious mind its too much. Go find the wisdom and find the seed and keep that. Because that is why people get the inspiration to write. What is it that is in there for you. You can write another book on the topic, but what if you can make a sentence or two to summarize what is in the beautiful work. Keep writing but meanwhile take the wisdom from it. Now we know there are some of you who have talked with Ashtar on this topic. Get the wisdom out of whatever experience whether you find it enjoyable or not, get the wisdom out of it and MOVE ON. You are here in mission - your purpose is to help others in transition. Stop and smell the roses or read the story, get the wisdom and pass it on.

Not everyone has the time to read an entire volume this is most essential cause the way you can help people the most you get them to simplify. If someone calls you on the phone and has the worst problem and takes and hour to tell you – have they got the wisdom out of it yet – you can help by saying you need to walk through the door or close the door or whatever. Times like this when the energies are swirling is when you need simple explanations. The wisdom to stay on track – to keep moving, and now is the time when all of these energies coming in. You want to be moving fast because you just feel that these times are so exciting and so much is happening and you want to be a part of it because these energies are enabling additional feelings in each person.

What is it you want to create – what is it you are going to do when you get these millions of dollars in your hands anyway. Start doing it now. Make pictures on your walls, compose music or whatever you want to do, start doing it now. Be ready. This is your preparation time and you don’t have much of it. Get it. Indeed. Things are perking along very nicely, and we would also like to mention an observation that the darkness, the heaviness felt by many over in Washington DC has lightened tremendously. It’s not nearly so dark and murky. Where there was this dark cloud of non-heavenly kind of depression, murkiness, gloomy outlook everything is not going very well, now there is optimism. Big capital O. Optimism. Joy.

There are places where the darkness has been transmuted or dissipated to the extent where people are starting to feel sustained joy. Hope where there was none. Of course people are starving there, or homeless there, but this is coming to grinding halt. Obama is aware of what needs to be done. He is now instilling values. He’s not talking about billions of dollars for wars – he’s talking about dollars for children for schools, dollars to clean up Mother Gaia, and most of all if you catch it, you will hear him talk about love – that is a real change. That precipitates huge change in the atmosphere. Don’t think the dark hats don’t know – they have kicked into high gear but there are fewer of them around. Reality is that they are not going to be able to manipulate their flunkies for much longer. Some have not only lost their grip, but there place. You may have heard about more coming, well of course what else is there to do with people who have committed treason against the people of their own country, stolen from them, defrauded them, killed, raped and pillaged. The system has gotten so corrupt that quite frankly that darkness hanging over Washington DC extended through the country but never covered the country or engulfed it as much as Washington DC. So the rest of the country is enjoying optimism, hope and joy with these changes.

Notice the big O’s in all of those words – well those words are coming to Washington DC from the old man himself, who is called Obama.

He brings with him a much different kind of air – and those who are concerned and down in the dumpies, who think he’s going in the opposite direction – rest easy – its not easy to keep your handlers, controllers thinking that they are handling you when they are not, and when you are doing just the opposite and more and more throwing off their control and throwing them into jail. Obama has never been intimidated or afraid but he has been wise. And he knew when he was to be elected to do job – he has been on a balance beam – or tightrope is even a better image – it is difficult to walk a tightrope and Obama is doing it. Things are not moving as fast as you would like, and for him either, but he knew this would be the case when he signed on for the job.

These energies are in great assistance, so in 21 days you will see what could have taken 21 years to accomplish. Indeed that is the case. Go back to the 1960’s to know and you will see how long its taken to get to this exact moment. So 21 days is going to move a lot of energy around - a lot of clean up and interesting happenings and one or two on FOXY news. Orders have gone out. Always no date, but just suffice it to say many beings of wisdom and intelligence, but nevertheless no conscious knowledge of Lady Nesara and the reappearance of Lady Liberty are finding for themselves the conclusion and various laws created for the benefit of the few. And more information coming out by legalities, coming out about the alphabet agencies and by the government itself when it has allowed all of the excessiveness, the over-indulgence of the wishes of the controllers, the dark hats, layers of controllers like onions, it is very wise that a lot of the support, the foundations, have been removed and so you have a yurtle the turtle collapse happening.

And so it is most appropriate to have things going in this direction to clear the way for all that you have created, and all that is ready to be manifest indeed so that when you open up the door and look out at what remains of the 3D world, well there it is. Things will be quite different in a very short time. 21 days are quite critical because the energies are coming in to wake people up, to do these clearings we are talking about, to help create transparency in what the government and bankers and part and participants in the alphabet agencies are wanting to do. More people are questioning. It is getting out more. The greed of the insurance companies. How about AIG. It is not the company as a whole, it is the ones in charge of the company. The corporate world is getting a real awakening. It isn’t just the AIG company, or this or that company.

If the Beloved One succeeds in getting that list out, you will have some interesting reading, we guarantee you there are reformations on the way. The plan has been the plan all along the creature 1913 - Nov 22 is the official date when the income tax came in and the tax dollars have been going to the creature, the Federal Reserve, the private corporation owned by the family of the dark hats. So all of these things are changing rapidly enough. This is after all the year of 11 and we have told you this is the year for the changes to come forth and be manifest in the 3D world and even FOXY news will have something to talk about that is real and true. And so as Obama stands at the head of the government, don’t be alarmed if something happens he said wouldn’t happen. These characters are faltering and Fitzgerald is standing in the wings. All is well and divine in all of your kingdoms. We shall be moving into an exercise and we have a special guest who will be initiating that exercise. Has anyone seen or heard of Hilary lately? There are those purposely been sent off on various obscure missions. They are being given high office and titles and being phased out in the eyes of world because in truth, they are already gone. It’s a pleasant way of doing it. When you don’t hear of a person you forget their presence. Within a few months you will wonder whatever happened to those beings who were in front, and you can rest easy they simply chose to stay in the dark and they are in a very dark place. And so having said that, and raised interest in the concept we have come to the end – hang in there, fasten your seatbelts, get up and dance a bit if you want, all is happening. There’s nothing to fear. Join Marvelous Margaret on the telephone tomorrow night. And so it is I, Ashtar, shall sign off and make way for the guest speaker known to all of you … these most wondrous family event gatherings of love and joy, I, Ashtar say to you all is well, and so it is. Salut.

St. Germain Greetings everyone in this most wondrous family I am St. Germain and I come to be with you in this special gathering of beloved family members. You all carry so much of the violet ray in your fields. Even though I know you are Ashtar family, you are also St. Germain family and we will access that in your glorious fields of light, and we will combine our energies tonight to assist that which is coming anyway, change, evolvement, and enlightenment and enhancement and awakening of your DNA and transformation to your crystalline bodies, and we will focus on that, then we will share it.

And because I am in charge of the Nesara coming to be announced in America and then beyond to the entire world, actually announcement will be made at the same time and the effects will role out over a period of time, we are going to ask that in the same way we create this for the Americas and for the countries that are associated with the Americas, such as Australia, Great Britain, Western Europe and so on, and then role out from there and the countries that have not had much experience of freedom, liberty and justice for all, countries still in the 3rd world but who nevertheless all the beloved beings there loved equally and infinitely as are you, and it is that they will take their place and know that they are equal as a result of what we do here this evening, because this is for Planet Earth and this is a continuing of the wake up to freedom that we have already been so effective in creating together as family.

And so I would ask that we would join together heart to heart, hand to hand if you wish, breathe together the energies of freedom, breathe deeply the sweet and powerful energies of Lady Liberty and Lady Nesara as they stand beside me shining out to the world. So breath it in because it is for you beloveds that they are here. Breathe it in, breathe it in and if you wish to focus upon something you might wish to focus upon a screen in front of you. It’s a big screen and as you look at it you see that it lights up. And there upon the screen are documents of freedom. There is the Magna Carta, there is the Declaration of Independence and there are Constitutions of the United States of America and other countries, Documents of Freedoms guaranteeing certain liberties, freedom from tyranny, freedom from unfair taxation, freedom from lack of representation. See these documents and allow them to parade across the screen and as you stand there, allow these energies of these documents to come into your own fields and recognize them. You may feel a cooling breeze that is the rush of freedom you know, and the difference it makes when you feel, that if you have been feeling oppressed, and so take it in, take it all in, most important that you do so, so you have plenty of it, infinite quantities of the air of freedom, the joy of living your life exactly as you choose to do it without anyone telling you you cannot do this or go there. At the same time, the great documents, books in some cases, short sentences in others, and everything inbetween, the great documents of humanity of caring, of compassion, of sharing, of respect and honoring your neighbor, your relative or the stranger who greets you as you honor yourself, that divine spark within all.

Recognize that and see the documents flowing past on the screen that tell us, that describe it, that bring it forth to life in such a moving way, and see all of this and then see all of the arts of joy, the wondrous music of joy, the angels choir and inspirations that have come into the dimensions of Planet Earth and see all the beauty there, the flowers blooming in the sunshine, blowing in the wind and growing in beautiful nurturing soil and crystal springs pure, all is love such joy let it well up in you. You have the freedom to enjoy all that passes in front of you on this screen. Take it all in Beloved Ones and savor, it treasure it and let it become a part of you. Open your hearts, direct it there if you choose, open you wisdom eyes, direct it there if you choose, open your minds and again send it there and let it permeate your energy fields completely and if there be a block anywhere to the spreading of this joy, this freedom, then take your violet flame which is there with you, and allow the violet flame to wrap this block within its loving embrace and totally transform, transmute it to love which of course will welcome all that you are sending. So do this process for a moment or two. Scan you past, present, future, parallel and dimensional selves and all of your beloved bodies and just allow the violet flame. There might be a block where this joy, freedom, love might not be in infinite quantities and as you do this you might be feeling lighter, you might be seeing some colors you have not seen before. Colors known to you before. You are lifting up so that you can greet Lady Nesara, Lady Liberty, all of your guides, masters and angels and they are coming to you and it’s a grand hug, a grand joyful reunion oh yes we have been together before. A reunion and energy sharing unparalleled and be one with it and with us and each other, and as we do this the energy is heightened even more and the oneness if felt completely and with all understanding and the wisdom comes flowing forth and this is love in its grandest form and its completeness and all of this we have called forth together, and we have brought in together such that we are now ready to do the next part of this exercise. So maintain and allow even more this love, this freedom, this joy to come into your fields, make room for more and as you do so, send the violet flame out over your countries. Send it out to all of the countries that have documents such as the ones we have seen, who have some knowledge of them, send it there first and allow the violet flame to come forth to remove the blocks.

Send the freedom on the wings and tail of the violet flame so as it clears the way, the freedom and joy reunions recognition of Lady Nesara and Lady Liberty and the recognition of all beings and the oneness of all and the freedom of all. It is a reawakening. Send the documents out now with the blocks cleared and then go beyond to all of the places, all of the corners of Planet Earth to the countries that may not have these documents – or those where they were made or not put into writing or handed down from family to family so long ago, layers of oppressions choking all of the beings there, the humans and all the kingdoms. Send the violet flames to clear all that now and as it is cleared, then send the wondrous feelings of love, joy, freedom, send the documents to share with them so there is grand worldwide understanding of freedom, liberty, the freedom to be who one wants to be and where one wants to be and to live a lifestyle of love, joy, compassion, caring and sharing, and to have the love that all so richly deserve and yet some have been so without.

And so now that the way is cleared, let it flow, bring it in through yourselves beautiful ones and send it out in an endless stream and keep it going and set the intent that this will continue let it ride these wondrous energies that are coming to Planet Earth. Set it in crystals and let it go. And let these energies travel all over Planet Earth, below, on and above as a message to those already below and above and in enjoyment of these freedoms that now Planet Earth is ready to step up and join in this grand renaissance of love and take her place among the higher dimensions of beings. Send it out. This is the vision created in this now moment, this is the truth for the next moment in Planet Earth’s reality - keep it going Beloved Ones, let it flow.

And let it be the truth known to all on the wings and tails of the violet flame itself and let all who pass by Planet Earth see now all of the violet, all of the beautiful violet energies surrounding and wrapping Planet Earth and see the energies of love and joy and freedom more and more until there is absolutely nothing but these energies to be seen. And now see everyone on the planet, all of the kingdoms hugging in joy, joining in hands and dancing and singing and celebrating. This is the freedom, this is the love, this is the joy this is how Planet earth and its civilizations of the humans began. Long, long ago when the starseeds and masters came to create what you know as humanity upon Planet Earth, to co-create this grand grand playground so that the humans could enjoy the reawakening to who they really are. And now the times for this awakening to be complete is indeed the reality of Planet Earth, and it is through the restoration and the reawakening to freedom and to love and to caring and sharing and compassion that Beloved Ones is how it is done.

And so we thank all of you for your participation in this grand exercise. It is felt around the world and it is a grand contribution to the next moments as we have created them just now. Thank you Beloved Ones for being with us in this moment, as in the past, as in what you call the beautiful Golden Age which is NOW. And so it is, Namaste.

Mother Sekhmet Well good evening, (growl) … you should feel what I am feeling now, purring I am. Oh, beloved ones it is so joyful. We shall take this love and transmit it to those with whom we are so much in contact. Some of them of course wear the white hats and are being of love and are rejoicing in it. Many are refusing even now to come to the light. But we can thank you beloveds for this grand infusion, this grand sharing that you have done because we shall be offering it now even more empowered to those who are still in resistance to coming to the light. And it shall help some to feel as though they are not alone, that you really do care about them, that you really do honor your documents of freedom and liberty, and that it really is your destiny to live by them in this golden age. And it will help to convince them that this is so, this is truth and this is the path for all indeed upon the planet. So this was a most timely exercise and we thank you and we honor you for doing it, and the violet lights are gorgeous, grand and a bit warm as they should be. The flame is bright in all of you and indeed around all of the planet and it permeates . It’s been given even more emphasis to emphasize, so well done Warriors of Peace. I and my Paschats are off now to our missions of love and even though they might seem to be a bit final, you can be assured that they are done with the message of love that you have put forth so beautifully, so completely, so lovingly in this time. And so we shall say to you move on, carry on, your missions are sacred, your missions are mighty and so are you. And so it is. Namaste.

Notes thanks to Deborah Urquhart

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