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Celia Fenn talks to JOEY KLEIN about his life and work. *LINK* *PIC*

Joey is 23 years old, and since he was 19 he has been travelling extensively in the USA, giving lectures and holding workshops to help people to embrace the light within them. In our conversation he talked to me about how he found his way into this work at a relatively early age, his commitment to his path, his own personal experience of "embracing the light" and his joy in helping others to a similar realization of their own divinity

Joey and I spoke on the phone for more than an hour. He lives in Santa Monica, California and I am in Cape Town, South Africa. He was first introduced to me by someone who had attended his workshops, and was impressed with his energy and his work.

The Early Years...guided by Spirit
The first question I asked Joey was to tell me about his background and how he prepared himself for the work that he does now. I was impressed with the way in which Spirit guided him in the path of the "Sacred Masculine" or the "Spiritual Warrior", from a very early age. Joey also acknowledges his father, Jeff Klein, as a positive role model and the "biggest influence in my life".
Joey grew up in Wichita in Kansas, in a family that included Mom and Dad and two older brothers and a younger sister. He was nine years old when he was first attracted to the practice of Martial Arts, and his father supported his choice. By the age of 16, he held a black belt in Okinawan Kenpo. He then began his studies with Sifu Randy Ford, who instructed him in "Chi Kung". At this early age, Joey began learning the sacred teachings of the "Chi" or "life force", and to understand how energy flows in the body, and how it can be worked with to facilitate healing and changes.

This early training was obviously guided by Spirit, for it taught Joey how to work with energy and to understand how energy flows between people and groups. This understanding would be invaluable to him when he began his work as a spiritual teacher and healer/counsellor.

The Monastery in the Mountains
Joey then recounted to me the next step in his spiritual journey towards the light.
When he was 19, his father took him to Crestone in Colorado, to attend a Psychic Fair where Jeff was working. This area in Colorado also houses several Ashrams and Temples. When he had some free time, Joey visited one of the Temples.

He was met at the entrance by a monk who said: "I have been waiting for you!".

Joey had no idea what he meant, but he was prepared to follow the monk into the Temple. At the altar the monk told him to close his eyes and to pray for the world, and to offer love to the world. Obviously, the monk was moving him into his Heart Chakra and the state of Compassion.

As he closed his eyes, Joey says" "I felt as though I was flying through a purple tunnel of light...just flying faster and faster....."

When he opened his eyes he saw the monk doing some hand movements, but the monk just said "close your eyes", and so he went back into the tunnel of light. Eventually, he emerged into a place he calls "pure void, black space."

When he opened his eyes the monk just said, "It is done".

Joey did not know what had been done, only that he felt "different" and that he felt a "shift inside".

Into the Light
When he went back home to Kansas, he says he felt a deep desire to "know God" and to "see God". he could feel this energy building up inside him.
A few days later he went to visit with his friend Albert. He chatted with Albert for a while, and recounted his experience in Crestone, and then he left to go home. As he left the apartment, he felt that energy within him increasing and become even stronger and stronger. It was , as he describes it, "like electricity, like electrical current". At that point he went into paralysis, and he felt like he was going to die, or explode.

When he looked at his hand, all he could see was white light emanating from his hand, and he could "see through" his hand!

I could understand what Joey was telling me, because I have also been through this kind of "enlightenment" experience, and I also felt like there was electrical current running through me. It happens when your consciousness opens up to the Source light, and the energy floods into your system. It does feel like being "electrocuted". Its not a very "comfortable" experience, and can be very alarming unless you know what is happening. In my case, I had no idea. No one had told me that enlightenment was an actual physical experience. Joey seems to have been better prepared both physically, through his Martial Arts training, and spiritually through his contact with his teacher and Sifu Randy King, and the monk at the Temple.

However, the energy that flowed through him from this experience was so potent, that Joey staggered back to Albert's apartment and passed out for twenty minutes. Albert later told him that when he opened the door, he was able to see white light around Joey and emanating from his body.

A New Life
After that experience of the Source Light, Joey says he shifted his consciousness completely. After he left High School, he had gone to college and worked, and partied a great deal, while trying to "find himself". But after this experience, he felt a completely new direction opening up in his life.
His desire was to understand the nature of this energy and to share it with others. He began a heavy schedule of teaching and lecturing and healing. As he puts it, "I was in a new city every week". He talked to groups of people and he channeled the energy for them. But after a while, he got sick, and he had to stop.

It was at this point that he met his primary teacher, Sai Maa, who was able to answer all his questions about this energy that he had experienced, and to help him to understand how to work with it.

Joey had focussed so much on sharing the energy with others, that he forgotten about his own spiritual practice. He was not practising his Martial Arts, and his body was not strong enough to carry the energy. In his own words, he "fried" himself with the potent energy.

From Sai Maa, he learnt the importance of a personal spiritual and physical practice. Sai Maa is a devotee of Sai Baba, and works within the Spiritual tradition of Hinduism. This tradition has a strong emphasis on enlightenment, and an understanding of how the physical body and the subtle bodies work together to carry this energy.

An Indigo Experience
At this point in our conversation, I asked Joey what he though of the term "indigo". This seems like a relevant question, for it is unusual for someone so young to be able to open up to the awakened or enlightened state so early in life. But it is part of what we have come to expect with the Indigo and Crystal children.
At first, Joey said that he did not like "classifications and categories", since they tended to appeal to the "ego",and to make people feel that they were special in some way.

However, when I explained to Joey that I believed that the Indigo and Crystal children were here to work as a group, and that their work was to help people to the "awakened state", then he was more comfortable about accepting the idea of Indigos.

We also talked about something that he had noticed, that many children being born today are arriving in the fully awakened state. These are what I would term "Crystal" or "Christed" children, bearers of the Christ Consciousness or the Christ Light.

Into the awakened World
At this point, Joey lives in Santa Monica with his partner. He sees private clients, he holds workshops and he travels to promote his work.
His primary aim is to help to support people in their shift to Higher Consciousness. To embrace that light that he experienced so intimately. This is his Joy. He does this by holding the light within himself so that others may experience it and begin to shift through their own "alignment" with his energy. But he also teaches techniques that help people to anchor these energies in their own bodies.

Joey has also recently begun using the medium of conference calls, to help to continue the work with people after the workshops are over.

He speaks to me as well, of his dream to create communties of light to continue this work. I can identify with this, as my own work is also about creating communties of people who can support each other in their Awakening and Ascension into light. Joey's work so far has been in the USA, and he has estbalished groups or communities in Kansas, Portland, Denver and New York.

Joey is open to the expansion of his work, and is ready to travel anywhere in the world where he might be needed!

I think that with the Global awakening that we are going to experience in the next two years, that Joey will find many people who are ready to work with him and experience the power of his energy in their own awakening process.

To contact Joey
If you would like to know more about Joey and his work, here are the contact details:



Telephone: 316.648.2994 Santa Monica USA

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