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The 5G series is being presented again for free for 1 week... *LINK*

Click on the link.

It will ask for your email address and password.

Insert your email address then...Click on, "I forgot password".

You'll be sent a link via your email address.

Click on that link and set up your password.

Then you can have free access to all the videos.

I purchased the transcripts because I like to read.

But I think I compromised my learning opportunity.

If I had recorded the interviews I could listen to them over and over anywhere I went...kind of like school on wheels or when walking about.

I will admit the 5G info kind of messed up my head for a bit.

Then I reminded myself that humans can solve any problem.

I am now researching potential solutions.

Will they work? Don't know how well, if influenced by the full effects of 5G.

But...these solutions definitely help our cells under normal circumstances.

5G seems to be a non worry for approximately 100% of the poeple I sent the link to...is off the charts for discussion with any media (tech, financial or otherwise) or authority figures.

So F*ck 'em!

We all have our individual lessons to be learned.

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