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More governments are allowing 5G to be installed even though there is no evidence 5G is safe! Plenty of evidence to say 5G is not safe! So let citizens consider my plan!

Because governing bodies, industry, tech, and media say 5G is nothing to worry about here is the plan.

Make them prove to the people 5G is safe by installing it first in their own environment...around all government owned buildings, all military bases, all tech companies, media outlets, hospitals, fire departments, Emergency Services, transportation terminals for people, food, products and services...which is what will be covered sooner or later anyway! Just cover those areas first!

Rally/demonstrate, email, snail mail, fax the demands, use social media demanding government backs up what they preach.

Never let up until the 5G installations are in place as stated above or the installations stop.

Before they get too far along with the installations, people ought to start complaining of adverse health effects and maybe the installations will cease.

What do you think?


It is scientifically impossible to believe 5G will not adversely affect your cells and the cells of all living things.

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