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BREAKING: Google Just Scrubbed Natural Health Websites From Its Search Results; Whistleblower Explains How and Why...but there is more ot this story! *LINK*

If you type into Google, "Supplements are" you might get something like this...

  • supplements are useless
  • supplements are a waste of money
  • supplements are bad
  • supplements are good or bad
  • supplements are not regulated
  • supplements are dangerous
  • supplements are us
  • supplements are good for health
  • supplements are not fda approved
  • supplements are not regulated by the fda


If you type into Google, "Pharmaceuticals are"

  • pharmaceuticals are killing us
  • pharmaceuticals are poison
  • pharmaceuticals are keeping us sick
  • pharmaceuticals are marketed to healthcare providers
  • pharmaceuticals are quizlet
  • what pharmaceuticals are in water
  • what are non pbs pharmaceuticals
  • what are api pharmaceuticals
  • what are generic pharmaceuticals
  • what are jobs in pharmaceuticals

If you type into Google, "Doctors are"

  • doctors are us
  • doctors are useless reddit
  • doctors are not that smart
  • doctors are better than teachers
  • doctors are god
  • doctors are not god
  • doctors are the worst patients
  • doctors are human too
  • doctors are next to god
  • doctors are heroes

Seems Google puts out strange results. Potentially damaging results for "supplements" is obvious, but let's face it, if one relies on Google, you get what you deserve. Today one has to spend a lot of time checking any results because who can tell if you see valid info...unless you have prior knowledge?

Suggest playing with words in Google search and see what you get.

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