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At the link is the most fundamental bit of info you need to know about 5G. *LINK*

I came across info on George Lakhovsky’s MultiWave Oscillator and discovered coincidentally, an excellent explanation of what 5G will do to our cells.

The info begins with the link.

Read down to just below the animation of the Potassium Sodium Gate.

That Gate is the prime dynamic of cellular health at the most fundamental level of the cell.

If that Gate does not function as nature intended, no cell lives!

5G allegedly floods the environment with positive ions!

After doing the short bit of reading, what 5G effects do you think you will experience, at your cellular level?

You can’t live without your bowel, right? Your bowel lining is only one cell thick!

Does anyone know how much 5G exposure humans, or any life form can survive?

Suppose this happens...the auto industry introduces a new vehicle that goes very fast, five times faster than anything you have driven before!.

It promotes the enjoyment of the increase in speed.

Yet they build a vehcile with no brakes!

The speed doesn't matter. The vehicle will kill you!

Might you not build the vehicle!

Might other intelligent people not build the vehicle!

Yet everyone plans to ride around in the vehicle?

The bandwidth/frequencies of 5G can control minds to some extent...if you live long enough!


I think this is my last post on 5G. What more can be said?

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