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APPLE promoted an app this week...APPLE NEWS...allegedly giving viewers "Trusted News". I think it is a search engine with a graphic interface instead of URLs with just text.

Looking at the presentation the APPLE NEWS app provides, (versus what you see with typical URL search results) the viewer gets more info (a graphic and text).

As expected, some topics/results seem to go on forever. But it turns out a simple pic associated with an article makes a huge difference in choosing what I might choose to read.

That's my initial yours may be entirely different.

There is an APPLE NEWS+ version. Haven't checked that out, as it is subscription based after the free first month. Just more links/articles, or more in-depth? It can be unsubscribed and resubscribed over and over.

For me it will be interesting to see what people like and why and the best way to use the app.

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