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Check out this site on the Diehold Foundation that publishes about Ice Ages, Pole Shits, etc. *LINK*
In Response To: safe place? ()

Do you really want a "Safe Area"? Hasn't life kicked your b*tt enough already? 


For what it is worth, my take on the issue is...bottom line with a pole shift...most of us will die.

A lack of power destroys civilization. Got a tooth ache, better have plyers handy. No way to treat the pain. Pull a tooth, do you have sterile gauze? No? Massive infection heading your way! You will think of kiling yourself as the best way to cope. Need medication for any reason? Won't be any! A huge percentge of the population is taking meds. No surgeries because of no x-rays, no scans, no IV fluids, no sterile ORs, no power for OR lighting, no doctors, no nurses, no anesthetics, no analgesics, no one to provide post op care, no way to provide clean bed linen or dressings in general. Just in time delivery of products, foods, etc., won't be happening. No travel/escape, other than by foot or bicycle. The extra water that surrounds the equator will move somewhere else. Buildings, people, infrastructure in its path will be destroyed. No heating, no air conditioning. No frozen foods. No clean water. Probable earthquakes of serious magnitude, covering large areas of the earth with ashe = no growing season. Remember tales of Mastadons found in ice with non rotting plants in their mouths? What caused that fast freeze?

How will people cope? In fear mode, the blood supply to the thinking part of our brain is shunted to body parts to prepare for fight or flight. In fear mode our ability to think clearly is compromised to a great extent. Logic seldom exists for the period fear is dominant.

Look for the danger, face it, allow it to eat you up. Takes likely less than seconds to die. Then you are reunited with your soul consciousness...according to those who have had a NDE.

Via various causes (manmade, astrological, earthchanges) there may have been more than 5 complete wipeouts of life on earth. Just before being born, did we sign up for experiencing the ultimate reality disaster movie of our time?

The earth will regenerate. You may get to come back! People will likely populate the earth again, Maybe you too?

On the other hand, some think Aliens will arrive and save us. Aliens have to be smart beings. Having studied people on earth, do you think we show enough signs we are worth saving? I don't.

Since we create our reality with our thoughts...what are your ongoing thoughts? How will your reality turn out?

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safe place?
When you last posted your question I suggested you check YouTube for answers. What did you find out? *NM*
Check out this site on the Diehold Foundation that publishes about Ice Ages, Pole Shits, etc. *LINK*
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