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California state Sen. Dr. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, is urging the U.S. Surgeon General to push mandatory vaccinations to the top of the federal public health agenda. He is WRONG! *LINK*

The link takes you to a comprehensive article with 66 references showing you problems with vaccinations.

If you read Dr. Tennat's interview (a few posts below this one) you'll learn common ways we compromise our body's ability to look after us.

There is a huge push to vaccinate everyone. Corporations and docs make lots of money giving vaccinations. They have to be product savy. So if vaccinations harm too many people, what is the real agenda? What are the "acceptable numbers" of harmed people or people who die, either from the vacciantions or complications...the old risk/benefit ratio.

And I wonder what the "acceptable numbers" will be when 5G micorwave technology hits the streets. It would be awesome for 5G technology to be safe. But...

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