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Allergan are a Bunch of Snakes and your Thyroid may be suffering

Allergan are a Bunch of Snakes and your Thyroid may be suffering

Known as "Armour Thyroid" in the U.S., the same drug is known simply as "Thyroid" in Canada and is distributed by a company named Erfa out of Montreal. This "desiccated" Thyroid was covered By Health Canada until late 2017.

There are many people who can not tolerate the synthetic very cheap thyroid medications. I am one of those.

Prior to being de-listed, the price was $21.23 + fee for a 3 month supply and it was covered by the government.

In Oct 2018 the price was $39.23 + fee for a 1 month supply (and patient now responsible for the cost.) Something is not adding up here, and there is no one with answers as to what happened.

I called the Exceptional Drug Access Program which my doctor submitted to last November, asking for an update on the drug hopefully to be reinstated to the list.

This was my 5th call over the past year, and the girl on the other end, laughed and finally someone told me, request for coverage denied, that it will never be covered simply because they keep raising the price. I asked who "they" were, but of course she did not know. She suggested I contact the media with my complaint. This time I laughed, great I'll report the crime to another bunch of criminals.

I called the distributor Erfa and asked for the name of the manufacturer, she hesitated and told me to call back tomorrow. I am still trying to find out who "they" are.

I did a little sleuthing and it all lead back to a company named Allergan. I phoned Allergan and they denied knowing anything about the drug and wanted the DIN# which I gave her, and she still claimed she could not find it listed at Health Canada. Later that was resolved when she said there were zeros proceeding the number I gave her. Still she claimed they were not connected in any way shape or form with any manufacturing of the Thyroid drug.

In the United States, the Armour Thyroid is made by Forest Pharmaceuticals.
If you Google ‘Forest Pharmaceuticals Canada”, guess where the website link goes?
Back to Allergan!
Forest Pharmaceuticals Canada is actually named Forest Laboratories Canada Inc., and it is a subsidiary of good old Allergan. So there lies the crime against humanity. Three strikes against you Allergan.

I will never buy any products by Bayer, after their connection with Monsanto and knowingly selling tainted blood products around the globe in the 1980's. I will do the same with Allergan products. What does a Botox and facial fillers company have to do with a thyroid medication? Oh yes money money money!

Nothing will be done against these crooks, no one will stop them, and I’m probably wasting my time. But realizing they are such a well-known company, I feel people need to know what goes on behind the scenes and perhaps being aware, there lies the lesson and the wisdom.

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Allergan are a Bunch of Snakes and your Thyroid may be suffering
Have a listen to this and see if it helps... *NM* *LINK*
Thank you - I will listen to it. *NM*
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