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Say whaaat!? :( Jet engines inject tons of black carbon C-12 into the atmosphere? So, why isn't the sky turned dark? Why don't these hot turbines burn carbon to carbondioxide, in your opinion? :D *PIC*

Are you serious, Ray Desjardins? Or way behind sincere science? :D
Or do you mess up carbon and carbondioxide?

Carbon-12 (12C) is the more abundant of the two stable isotopes of carbon (Carbon-13 being the other), amounting to 98.93% of the element carbon;[1] its abundance is due to the triple-alpha process by which it is created in stars. Carbon-12 is of particular importance in its use as the standard from which atomic masses of all nuclides are measured. Its mass number is 12 by definition and contains 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.

Chemical properties of carbon - Health effects of carbon - Environmental effects of carbon


Carbon in the environment

Carbon and its components are widely distributed in nature. The estimation is that carbon forms 0,032% of The Earth’s crust. Free carbon is found in big reservoirs like hard coal, amorphous form of the element with other complex compounds of carbon-hydrogen-nitrogen. Pure crystalline carbon is found in the form of graphite and diamond.
The Earth's atmosphere contains an ever-increasing concentration of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, form fossil fuel burning, and of methane (CH4), form paddy fields and cows.

No element is more essential to life than carbon, because only carbon forms strong single bonds to itself that are stable enough to resist chemical attack under ambient conditions. This give carbon the ability to form long chains and rings of atoms, which are the structural basis for many compounds that comprise the living cell, of which the most important is DNA.

Big quantities of carbon are found in the form of compounds. Carbon is present in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide in 0,03% in volume. Several minerals, like limestone, dolomite, gypsum and marble, contain carbonates. All the plants and live animals are formed by complex organic compounds where carbon is combined with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. The remains of live plants and animals form deposits: of petroleum, asphalt and bitumen. The natural gas deposits contain compounds formed by carbon and hydrogen.

Specific Gravity Table Chart and Equation

Air, dry 0.00130
Oxygen 0.00143
Carbon dioxide 0.00198
Nitrogen Gas 0.07000

Engine exhaust carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen! It cannot remain and accumulate at high altitude!

Specific Gravity Table for Metals, Minerals & Ceramics

Carbon 2.26000

Pure carbon (black dust) is a semi-metal. See Periodic Table of Elements.
How could it stay in the atmosphere, miles above ground and cause a greenhouse effect?

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Carbondioxide is heavier than air, it doesn't rise into the atmosphere but is found low on the ground. So how can carbondioxide create a green house and dim sun's light? 8) *PIC*
It's about killing the ant people, man! Billions of ants die everyday and it needs to stop. *PIC*
Great Picture! :D *NM*
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