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Jim Stone's comment on NoCalWiFi is startling short but hits a few nails. *PIC*

Maybe Jim also remembered his own words on "Wild Fires" in California from earlier comments, when he wrote that in the US of A average people are not allowed to build stable, massive houses with bricks, tiles and stones, in big contrast to Mexico. He then had already argued these dangerous rules for housebuildung were made in evil intend to threaten the populace and to take out houses easier, one by one with DEW Deadly Energy Weapons, for example if there live patriots, right wingers, anti-NWO conservatives and so on. Makes sense? Sources say 90 percent of Paradise inhabitants are republican voters. Many MSM snapshots of the hellfires in Paradise showed the US Stars & Stripes in the front yard. Do they try to satisfy the greed of demoncratic communist transnationals?

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Dear Don. Dear Doug. I'm with you, with mind and soul. So glad you are safe, hopefully. Wish all of you all the best. *PIC*
Jim Stone's comment on NoCalWiFi is startling short but hits a few nails. *PIC*
"the name of the town is not a mere coincidence" interesting YT comment found among lot of distracting nonsense, imho *NM* *PIC*
when Hellstorm came to Paradise *PIC*
Where the hell are we? This is a travesty that is a silent war on the world! This poor poor man and so many many others who have seen similar! *NM*
i could not watch it.. *NM*
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