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Autumn Greetings ;)

Wisdom TV - Super Music

Still NO RAIN here! But lots of criss-cross chemtrails. They spray like crazy.
It's kind of terrifying. Rivers dying. Trees dying. Politicians lying, as usual. Zombie time.
And then: Halloween preps for pupils. Pure satanism. Promoted by "Super"-Markets and kindergarten.
My view: Puke All Over!

The other side of the drought: I can do outside more things than ever. Renovate the garden pond for example.
Prepare for a possibly hard cold winter season. Rearrange plants. Improve tit and tat.
Sometimes I think one life span is not enough for me. LOL!

"humor is when you laugh inspite of all" :D

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Autumn Greetings ;)
Re: Autumn Greetings ;)
Thank you very much, dear Don! - Civil war games? Same thing here, they want to stir up hostile emotions and actions. Election frauds. Destabilization.
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