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Hathor Planetary Meditation 4-5-09

Hathor Planetary Meditation 4-5-09

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Date: Sunday, 22 March 2009, 8:30 p.m. The Holon of Planetary Ascension

In this communication we wish to share with you the
meditation that will be conducted at The Great Triad in
Seattle, WA, on Sunday, April 5, at 3 pm Pacific Time.

As we said in a previous communication, those who cannot join
us physically for this gathering are invited to join us for
the Planetary Meditation in absentia. This is a form of
planetary service, through the action of what we call The
Planetary Holon of Ascension. In order to join us in this
meditation, you will need to have mastered the Holon of
Ascension, for it is the foundation upon which the Planetary
Meditation is based.

Please refer to our previous communication entitled "The
Holon of Ascension" for detailed instructions on how to
create this for yourself.

We now wish to turn our attention to earth's Celestial Soul,
the BA of earth itself. For it is uniquely different in its
organization. Unlike your BA, which is located along the
central axis of your body at a point above your head were you
to join your hands together, the Celestial Soul of earth is
spherical. It completely encloses the earth in a sphere and
is located about sixty miles above the surface of your earth.
This is what some people refer to as the Christ or Buddha
grid. It enfolds earth, completely surrounding it.

During the Planetary Holon of Ascension you align yourself
with this greater BA.

You do this by extending the axis of your own Holon to the
core of the earth and up to the BA of the planet. Thus, when
the Celestial soul of earth responds to you, its energy will
pass down this axis through your own personal BA, into your
KA (your etheric twin), your physical body, and into the

In a very real sense, you are grounding rods for the
Celestial Soul of Earth during this meditation.

As corporeal beings, your bodies are primary standing wave
patterns, comprised of atomic and subatomic particles from
earth. And from this perspective, your very physicality is
birthed from earth, which was, itself, birthed from the
remnants of stars. Thus, as embodied beings you have the
spiritual authority, the spiritual right and the spiritual
responsibility to allow and to assist Earth's ascension.

The Planetary Meditation

The Planetary Meditation has three phases.

In the first phase, you engage your own personal Holon of
Ascension. This charges your KA body with etheric light and
spiritual potency, generated from your own celestial soul.
This opens your own KA body to become a vibrational-receptor,
for the greater influx of etheric light and energy that will
descend from the Planetary BA.

In the actual meditation on Sunday, April 5th, we will spend
ten minutes in this personal phase, activating our individual
Holons of Ascension.

In the second phase, you move your awareness up the axis,
past your own personal BA, to the sixty-mile sphere of the BA
that surrounds Earth. In the previous phase, you sent
appreciation to your own personal BA in order to activate the
Holon. In the planetary phase you send appreciation up the
axis to the BA that surrounds earth.

As the planetary BA receives your impulse of appreciation it
will respond to you and send an influx of energy down the
axis, down into your personal BA, your KA body, your physical
body, and into the Earth.

It is important to understand the nature of the appreciation
that you shall be sending.

It is based upon a spiritual realization that occurs to one
as he or she enters into the ascension process. We would
describe it as a recognition that embodied life is a
treasured gift, that the experience of being in matter and
specifically in a human form, is something to be honored and

This has nothing to do with the dilemmas you may be facing in
your life or the situations that aggravate you, make you
fearful, angry or sad. These are separate issues, having to
do with your own personal psychology and how well, or how
poorly, you are adjusting to being a spiritual being having a
human experience.

The appreciation that needs to be sent to the Celestial Soul
of earth is appreciation for the elements of earth itself,
appreciation for the unique experience of life on earth, and
for the archetypal elements of water, air, fire, earth and

Your science does not consider space to be an element. But
here we are referring to an ancient alchemical knowledge, not
to the elements of your periodic table.

This ancient knowledge recognized that space is not the mere
absence of something, but is a womb for all that may come
into existence. It is the mother of all things. Out of this
space, subatomic particles and atoms, as well as all their
configurations are birthed.

Although your science currently views subatomic particles and
atoms in a mechanistic manner, we see them as conscious
beings with volitions of their own. This gives rise to a
fascinating array of possible futures since your bodies are
comprised of these multitudes of consciousnesses.

We intend in future communications to address how the art of
human appreciation can affect atomic structures and possible
futures. But let us now turn our attention back to the
Planetary Holon of Ascension.

When you send appreciation to the BA of earth, you are
sending appreciation for the treasure of embodied existence,
and for the treasure that you call earth. It is the emotion
of appreciation that shall cause the Celestial Soul of earth
to respond to you, just as with the personal Holon of

When earth's BA responds to your appreciation, there will be
an influx of energy down the axis of your own Holon of
Ascension, and depending upon your level of evolution, you
will have many different types of experiences. Some of these
shall be transcendent in nature, some of them
interdimensional in nature, whereby you are taken into the
multi-dimensionality of earth in all her grandeur.

For some it shall be an act of purification, for the dross
that would keep you at a lower vibration shall be struck like
a bell, and the vibration that arises shall wake you from
your sleep.

What we mean by this is that human consciousness has been in
a state of slumber, not recognizing its abilities as
co-creators of collective reality. While being asleep, human
consciousness has allowed others to manipulate its reality,
and determine its destiny. With the ascension of earth, those
days are numbered, and so as the great Celestial Soul of
earth responds to you, you shall enter into a more energetic
vibration, a quickening of the KA (your etheric twin).

There are many, many types of experiences that will arise,
but do not be sidetracked by them. They will naturally
appear. The important thing in this phase of the meditation
is to be the grounding rod for Earth's Celestial soul.

The Mechanics

This is the sequence for the second phase of the meditation:
the Planetary Holon of Ascension.

After activating your personal Holon of Ascension, you extend
the axis of your Holon into the center of the earth and up to
a point sixty miles above the surface. This point is one of
an infinite number of possible points along the sphere that
is earth's BA.

Then you send appreciation to earth's Celestial Soul and wait
to feel the response, allowing the response to move down your
energetic-axis into your body, into your KA and into the

After you feel the response of earth's BA passing through you
into the physical earth, you return to the state of
appreciation and send it back up to earth's BA again, waiting
and allowing the response, allowing it to move through you
and into the Earth. You repeat this as many times as you wish
during the time of the meditation.

This phase of the meditation will last twenty minutes.

This portion of the meditation can become very dynamic. If at
any time the energetics become too strong for your comfort
range, shift your attention back to your personal BA point
and just rest in your personal Holon of Ascension until you
feel ready to receive a greater influx of energy. Some of you
may need to do this several times in the course of the twenty

After this second phase of the meditation, we will return to
the personal Holon of Ascension for five minutes, allowing
the experience to integrate.

At this point, we will have been in meditation for 35
minutes. We then suggest you rest in silence for at least
five minutes. If you have the time, it would be a very good
thing to lie down and drift off for a while. It is not
advisable to move into your outer world of activities without
this period of rest.

Once the meditation begins and until it ends, we shall,
ourselves, construct a Holon of Ascension. We shall create a
disc shape, just like the personal Holon of Ascension. The
center of our Holon will be the center of your Milky Way
Galaxy, what is sometimes referred to, as the Great Central
Sun, and the disc shall extend out so that the entire galaxy
is enclosed in it. For some of you this is unnecessary
information, but for others this information will be helpful.

Through the mystery of space, the mother of all potentials,
we extend to you this invitation. We invite you energetically
to join those of us who shall be gathered in Seattle for The
Great Triad. And we welcome you to this grand experiment of
collective co-creation.

The time has come. The bell is sounding. It is time to wake
up to your greater destiny.

The Hathors.


Tom's Observations

I would like to take a moment and thank those of you who have
decided to join us in this planetary meditation as described
by the Hathors. Know that you will be joined in your efforts
by thousands of other people throughout the world who, like
you, sense the great opportunity of these times.

Although you may not know each other's names, although our
paths may never cross, we are part of a vast and growing
global community. Some have called people like you,
Lightworkers. The Hathors call you the Life-sustainers, for
the values you express in your life, your work, and your
community have a direct effect on the quality of life around
you. And in the dance of creation, whereby thought becomes
manifest in our lives, your life and how you live it helps to
sustain life itself, or at the very least the higher
qualities of what we call human.

Know that in this type of energy-work, distance does not
matter. Those of us undertaking this form of planetary
service will be connected in ways that transcend the
limitations of time, space, location and distance.

Thus, in Seattle, when those of us who have gathered enter
into the meditation, we will do so with a community of the
well-intended who are spread throughout the earth, on almost
every continent and in many different countries.

Those of us undertaking this planetary meditation share one
commonality. Although our lifestyles and positions in life
may differ, and although our philosophies and religions may
not concur, we all agree on one salient point: life on earth
is precious.

The grand experiment in collective co-creation that the
Hathors refer to, is the hope that with enough well-intended
persons working to anchor the ascension energies of the
planetary BA, we may, as a species, wake up to our powers of
creation and change our destiny.

It is my opinion that earth is going to be fine in this
period of great transformation that we are now in the midst
of. Some of her inhabitants might not make it, especially us
humans who think we are above the ecosystem that we live in.
But earth will be fine.

If the myths, prophecies, and legends that speak to this time
are right, then earth will ascend to a new vibration of being
and all those upon her will enter a golden age. Only time
will tell if this is true or not, or just the delusional
hopes of primate human minds with overly active imaginations.

I do think that we are in extraordinary times. Thus, one can
witness almost daily, a plethora of extraordinary fiascos,
stupidities and dangers as well as extraordinary
opportunities for personal growth and ascension. For those of
you new to the Hathor postings, in their view of ascension
there is nowhere to go. Ascension is not about leaving earth
in a flash of glory (although that is one version). For most
of us, ascension is a movement upward in consciousness while
still being embodied.

And so we undertake this meditation because we are embodied.
We are made of the stuff that is earth herself. And thus we
have, as the Hathors say, both the spiritual right and the
spiritual responsibility to allow and to assist Earth's


Those of us who have gathered in Seattle for the Great Triad
Intensive will enter into the Planetary Meditation on Sunday,
April 5th at 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. For those
of you outside the US, the Internet has several Time
Conversion sites that are free. The World Clock is one of
these and it is easy to use.

If, for some reason, you are unable to determine the exact
time in your time zone, then I suggest you just pick a time
and do the meditation on your own. The vibratory field of the
Planetary Holon will continue for some time after the
meditation is completed in Seattle.

The meditation will last 35 minutes as the Hathors indicated.
After this, those of us in Seattle will be in silence for 5
minutes to re-orient ourselves since I anticipate that this
will be a very dynamic experience in transcendence.

For the last twenty minutes of that hour, we will be closing
the Intensive with a sound meditation.

If you are joining us for the meditation at a distance, then
this would be an ideal time to rest and integrate the
experience before moving into the rest of your day or night.

The Free Live Broadcast

We will, for the first time, attempt to conduct a
live-internet broadcast of this meditation as it occurs in
Seattle. And we will offer it free of charge.

If we are successful in getting all the elements together,
you will see a button that says LIVE-BROADCAST when you go to
the home page of the website on April 5th.

Click on this and you will be taken you to the broadcast as it
is happening.

Please note: you MUST have a fast Internet connection for this
to work effectively.

This will also be archived as a pod-cast after the event.

Now folks, this is technology, and the great Archangel Murphy
may have his hands in this. Thus, to paraphrase a well-known
statement called Murphy's Law: "what can go wrong may go
wrong." So if nothing happens when you go to the link, or if
the button isn't on the website (because we couldn't make the
high-tech thing work) then just forget about the broadcast.
The podcast will be available soon. What's important is that
as many people as possible throughout the world enter into
the meditation together. So if the techy thing doesn't
happen, switch off your computer, tune in to what is
happening, and have a great ride.

An Important Note About the Personal Holon of Ascension

I wish to clarify a technical point regarding the Holon of
Ascension. As the Hathors said above, you will need to master
this before you proceed to the Planetary Holon. Although I
thought the directions were clear in the previous
communication (see the Holon of Ascension), for some readers
it was evidently not.

The Holon of Ascension is a disc-shaped imaginary geometry.
The axis of the Holon (the line that goes through the middle
from the top to the bottom) happens to pass through the
central axis of your body. It is around this axis that the
Holon spins.

However, your KA body does not spin. It remains oriented in
your physical body as usual, front facing front and back
facing back. If you don't know what I am talking about here,
you need to go to the Holon of Ascension and read the
detailed directions.

Some people have emailed us and said they sometimes feel
nauseous when practicing the Holon of Ascension. If you are
spinning your KA body along with the Holon, this could be the
reason. The KA body is not supposed to spin. If your KA body
does not spin and you still experience nausea, try slowing
down the spin rate of the disc (the Holon). It does not have
to move fast at all.

If these changes don't resolve the problem then there is a
good chance you are experiencing some spiritual purification.
I, myself, experienced some nausea when I first worked with
the Holon, especially if it went beyond ten minutes. Now I
can go for more than an hour without any discomfort. The
bottom line here seems to be that with repetition of the
Holon of Ascension, the physical body gets used to the
increased vibratory rate of the KA.

Final Thoughts

Again, I wish to sincerely thank those of you who will be
joining us in this "grand experiment" on Sunday, April 5th.
During the time of the Planetary Meditation (3-4 PM Pacific
Daylight Savings Time), I will light a single white candle to
symbolize the light of illumination and to represent the many
thousands of people around the world who will be joining us
from a distance.

I have been experimenting with the Planetary Holon of
Ascension since the Hathors gave it to me. It is quite an
energy generator, and I anticipate that those of us who join
our hearts and minds together during the Planetary Meditation
will experience something extraordinary.

Blessings to you and your loved ones, Tom Kenyon

the Full Moon March 10, 2009 Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

Copyright 2009 Tom Kenyon
All Rights Reserved

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