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Here is a treat for you if you are interested in new discoveries in science versus maintaing a belief system based on what the establishment promotes.

This past week, I unknowingly set myself up for what follows below by visiting YouTube and doing a search on the Perkl Light.

That led to Harry Oldfield who researches invisible energy fields.

That reminded me of the Bio-Well camera from Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Yesterday I received the following email… “The first panel discussion from the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference is available for FREE viewing on YouTube: This one has the following presenters: Anupam Tewari, Jeane Manning, Dr. Gerald Pollack, Aaron Murakami, Prof. Robert Haralick, Karen Elkins, & Paul Babcock.”

The free YouTube video is about an hour and a half long. Starts off slowly (just turn up your audio) after which attentive and curious minds will be repeatedly blown away by what is said because of the implications.

We absorb a lot of information via text. But there is something special about listening to scientists speak spontaneously, stimulated by what others say.

URLs are posted for each speaker if you choose to investigate further.

There is something for everyone in the video!

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